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Does the Art Department offer jewelry courses?

A necklace by student

Yes, we offer jewelry courses, including:

Students who wish to supplement repeated jewelry courses are offered additional curriculum choices including:

  • Faceted stone setting
  • Container forms
  • Hinges and mechanisms
  • Reticulation
  • Anticlastic raising
  • Fold forming
  • Mold making/multiples
  • Tool making
  • Ability to work with gold and silver, as well as copper, brass, bronze and nickel

What equipment is available to jewelry students?

Jewelry courses utilize a large 3D studio with integrated TV/DVD capabilities and hook-up access for internet. In addition, jewelry students have access to a dedicated soldering and casting lab.

  • Large, programmable burnout kiln
  • Centrifugal caster
  • Vacuum table
  • Electro-melt furnace
  • Natural gas/compressed air torches
  • Acetylene/atmosphere torches
  • Four fully-equipped soldering stations
  • Three flexible shaft machines and accessories
  • A two-spindle buffing machine with filter
  • Rolling mill
  • Drill press
  • Glass bead blaster
  • Etching materials and equipment
  • Mass finishing and tumbling setup
  • Raising/forging equipment
  • Bracelet, ring, and bezel mandrels
  • Wide array of hammers and hand tools
  • Access to fully-equipped wood shop

What are students working on in jewelry classes?

See examples of jewelry students' work.

Who teaches jewelry courses?

What job opportunities are available to jewelry students?

Students work as:

  • Teachers
  • Jewelry sales staff
  • Jewelry repair staff
  • Professional jewelers
  • Jewelry designers
  • Jewelry production managers

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