Faculty Spotlights

Lisha Linder

Lisha Linder

Lisha Linder is one of those teachers—and, by example, she inspires her students to become those kinds of teachers too.
Robin Deak

Robin Deak

I always say there are two things you can control—your attitude and your effort. I encourage my students to be self-advocates, to prioritize self-care, work on self-confidence, and take selfies (just because they’re fun!).
MCC photography instructor Justin Schmitz

Taking Action Through Artwork

MCC photography instructor Justin Schmitz was one of 85 local artists who collectively raised more than $48,000 for the Greater Chicago Food Depository earlier this year.
Ted Erski's Energy Resource Lab students examine a solar array

Ted Erski Explains the Science Behind Electricity

Most often, the phrase “seeing the light” means you’ve just understood a new idea. But to Ted Erski and his students, seeing the light is a much more literal concept.
Judi Cameron

Judi Cameron, 2020 Full-Time Faculty Member of the Year

I encourage my students to never stop learning. Find reliable sources for your information. Teach others what you have learned. Actively listen to what others have to say. You can make a difference