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Interview Prep Tools

MCC Career Services has partnered with VMock to offer virtual career resources.

VMock Resume Review and SMART Editor delivers personalized, actionable feedback and recommendations in real time on your resume content.

VMock Resume Optimizer Tool allows you to optimize your resume against a particular job description.

Virtual Mock Interview provides feedback using artificial intelligence and lets you have the flexibility and convenience to practice at your own pace.

Getting Started with VMock

  1. Create your free VMock account
  2. Upload a PDF of your resume
  3. Review feedback provided by VMock
  4. Make appropriate edits to get a green score

Preparing for Your Interview

  • Before
    • Research the company. Visit their website, know what they do, where they're located, and review the job description
    • Compare your skills with the company and practice interviewing and prepare some questions for the interviewer
  • Day of
    • Dress appropriately
    • Be early - arrive about 15 minutes prior to the scheduled interview time
    • Listen carefully to the interviewer and convey confidence in your body language and tone of voice
  • After
    • Always follow up with a thank-you note no later than one business day after the interview. Your note should include:
      • Thanks to the interviewer for their time
      • A reference to what was discussed in the interview
      • Why you think you would be a good fit for the position
    • If you don't hear back from the interviewer, contact them to check on the decision within two to five days of when you sent the first thank-you note

Contact Career Services at (815) 455-8566 or email us to request an invitation to access your free account today!