Social Media Tips

Increasingly, employers are looking to social media to determine if they'll hire you or evaluate you as a potential employee. Your social media footprint includes not only your profiles, but comments you leave or groups you are involved in. You can also utilize social media in your job search. Therefore, it's essential that your online activity projects the professional image that you would want employers to see and be interested in.


  • Customize privacy settings
  • Think before you post
  • Google yourself and see what pops up
    • Delete things that are inappropriate
  • Engage in conversations about your industry
  • Showcase your personality, skills, and knowledge of your industry


  • Post anything inappropriate, revealing or overtly offensive or negative
  • Associate with groups that could be construed as offensive
  • Bad mouth your job or use social media while you're working
  • Start fights with anyone

Platform Specific Tips

  • Facebook
    • Customize privacy settings, delete and untag all inappropriate content
    • Update all education and career related information
    • Like companies in your industry, and get involved in conversations
    • Try Facebook's various job search apps
  • Twitter
    • Follow companies and key people in your industry (companies may have a profile specifically for job openings)
    • Include relevant information in your profile about career history and education
    • Get engaged in conversations in your industry
      • Tweet articles or respond to relevant tweets
  • LinkedIn: Using LinkedIn Effectively:
    • Create a full profile that showcases who you are as a professional
      • Include a professional picture
    • Connect with people and build your network
    • Join groups in your industry, area of education, or your interests
    • Get involved in conversations, provide relevant input

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