See for yourself how we're bridging classrooms and careers!

Apprenticeships bring the classroom and career together, combining job-related credit courses with structured on-the-job training. The goal for apprenticeship programs is to provide workers with advanced skillsets that meet the specific needs of local employers using a flexible learning approach. Apprentices develop their knowledge and skills in the classroom and on the job site with a mentor as they become a skilled industry professional.

Want to graduate with no debt and a high-skill job? Earn while you learn through the apprenticeship program at MCC.

With a Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship, you'll build your knowledge and skills both in the classroom and on-site with a company mentor. You'll be getting salary and benefits plus paid tuition as you benefit from a comprehensive training program that combines job-related credit courses with structured on-the-job training.

As an apprentice, you'll

  • start working from day one with incremental wage increases as skills increase
  • have the full cost of MCC apprenticeship education covered by participating program employer
  • earn a stackable certificate and industry certifications upon completing the program
  • graduate with no college debt

Apprenticeship Program scheduling is arranged to avoid any potential conflicts between class time and time on the job. Part of the time each semester is dedicated to coursework at MCC and the remaining time is spent in on-the-job training with a company mentor.

The Apprenticeship Program is available for degree and certificate programs

We're currently offering AAS Engineering Technology registered apprenticeships with specializations in:

The Apprenticeship Program at MCC provides you with the pipeline to develop a workforce with advanced skill sets that meet your specific industry needs.

MCC Apprentices develop their knowledge and skills both in the classroom and on-site at your company with a mentor. This comprehensive training program means you're able to develop your workforce by up-skilling incumbent workers or new hires.

Your investment in employee development through Registered Apprenticeships combines technical skill training with on-the-job training. Progressive wage increases help motivate apprentices as they advance in their training, which results in higher employee retention. Embedded industry credentials bring value to the company and to the apprentice. Trained company mentors increase their own leadership skills as they onboard and guide apprentices in company procedures and culture.

As a partner in MCC's Apprenticeship Program, you'll:

  • grow your own trained workforce by promoting incumbent workers or new hires
  • increase your employee morale and loyalty
  • create additional opportunities for brand and name recognition

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McHenry County College Awarded $20,000 Impact Grant for Pre-Apprenticeship Program

The pre-apprenticeship program at McHenry County College was recently awarded a $20,000 Impact Grant from the First National Bank of Omaha. The money will be used to support a six-week career training program to help those with barriers to employment earn credentials to enter the healthcare, IT, or manufacturing workforce.