Black Box Theatre | Frankenstein

Meet the cast for the Fall 2023 Production of Frankenstein

The cast of Frankenstein stands outside in three rows

Top row, left to right: Jay Geller, Nicole Molgado, Wyatt Mizerk, Addie Keller, Nathan Bodecker, Ethan Sherman, Sheri Warren, Trinity Anderson

Second row, left to right: Maggie McCord, Izzy Griffin, E.J. Svendson, Lucy Hagen, Mailin Contreras, Jake Seelye, Lucinda Nicholas, Rachel Loeding, Taylor Runge

Bottom row, left to right: Carol Foreman, Asa Pittner, Angel Zuhlke, Bobby Roberts. Not Pictured: Willow Broussard.

Photos courtesy of Christy Sturm.

About "Frankenstein"

Frankenstein by Danielle Mohlman from the novel by Mary Shelley was directed by Jay Geller. Mohlman has created a new and unique version of this tale of gothic horror. When Mary Shelley sits down to write Frankenstein, she’s 18 years old with everything to prove. Her husband, the poet Percy Shelley, is too full of himself to notice his wife’s phenomenal talent. She’s grieving the death of her infant daughter, and in this era of gothic literature, no one wants to believe that the darkness on the page mirrors the storm in her own head. That is, until her mother shows up. The only problem is, Mary Wollstonecraft died when Shelley was just ten days old. This adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel explores monsters and the women who create them. It’s a play that asks the age-old question: How far would you go to outrun your ghosts? (Mohlman).

Production Photos