Black Box Theatre | 24-Hour Play Competition, Spring 2023

There were thirteen contestants broken up into three groups. The theme was "Unusual Dreams". The teams arrived at 6:00 PM on Friday, April 21, and were ready to perform their plays by 6 p.m. Saturday, April 22. Every four hours the teams were given something they had to add to their play such as a line, prop, and music. The winning production judged by a panel of five (faculty Ted Hazelgrove and Kate Midday, Alum Bill Daniel, and local theatre directors Jeff Cook and Karen Jorgenson Cook) chose Stuck in the Realm as the winning play!

large group of competitors for the 24-Hour Play Competition
Top Row - Alex Kaparri, Vaughn McMillan, Nathan Bodecker, Addie Keller,
Jay Geller, Isa Aguilar, Olivia Greenwald, Emma Himley Bottom Row - Maggie McCord,
Grace Christy, Sammy Koeune, Skye Schoen, Cody Klimek,
Caitlin Cummings (Not pictured Trinity Anderson)

24 hour 2023  winners

The winning team, made up o Isa Aguilar, Addie Keller, Cody, Klimek,
Nathan Bodecker, Emma Himley, Skye Schoen

Plays in Competition

Dr. Eam’s Subconscious Psychotherapy 

  • Stan Duhr - Alex Kaparri 
  • Vicky Tim - Sammy Koeune 
  • Will S. Dreams - Grace Christy 

Stuck in the Realm

  • Timmy – Skye Schoen 
  • John – Cody Klimek  
  • Trixie - Isabella Aguilar  
  • Mom – Addie Keller  
  • Dad - Nathan Boedecker
  • Katya – Emma Himley 


  • Σκύλα (Skyla) - Vaughn McMillan
  • Andy - Trinity Anderson
  • Sammy - Caitlin Cummings
  • Eloise - Oliva Greenwald
  • This play takes place in Andy’s grandparents’ basement.

Special Thanks

  • Dr. Daniela Broderick
  • Campus Police
  • Guin Mathey
  • Lisa Roth
  • Alex Ingwalson
  • Maxwell Robey
  • Mary Brodie
  • Suzanne E. Hannon
  • Lisa McCord
  • Katy McCord
  • Maggie McCord
  • Spencer White