Online Degrees and Certificates

MCC is dedicated to providing access to education no matter where students live by offering courses online leading to a variety of degrees and certificates. Currently, MCC offers the following degrees and certificates through online delivery:

Associate in General Studies

The Associate in General Studies (AGS) degree is designed for students who wish to earn an associate's degree but not in a specific career or transfer area. It is an individualized degree that allows for the combination of both transfer and career courses. Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to develop an education plan that will meet individual goals.

Career and Technical Education Degrees

MCC offers Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees and certificates through online delivery that are designed to prepare students for immediate employment or to upgrade current employment status by providing skills and knowledge in a specific field. Though AAS degrees are designed for immediate employment, in some cases there may be baccalaureate transfer opportunities.


Transfer Associate Degrees

The Associate in Arts (AA) and the Associate in Science (AS) are designed to provide students with a strong general education foundation for continued study at the baccalaureate level. The degrees include coursework that satisfies the Illinois Articulation Initiative General Education Core Curriculum (IAI GECC), which is transferable to most Illinois four-year institutions. Work with an MCC academic advisor to select course options appropriate for your baccalaureate major goals.

Note that AA and AS degrees are not awarded in specific majors.