Concealed Carry Act - MCC's Firearms Policy

In 2013, the State of Illinois passed the Illinois Firearms Concealed Carry Act, 430 ILCS 66, allowing firearm permit holders to legally possess concealed firearms in the state of Illinois. The law allows the College to make policy decisions on the following items:

  • Carrying a concealed gun in vehicles owned, leased or controlled by the College,
  • Parking lot safe harbor provision,
  • Level of discipline if the College finds misconduct related to the concealed carry act,
  • Reporting of a student if they represent a clear and present danger to themselves or others.

Students, staff and visitors of MCC must obey the law imposed by the State of Illinois, as well as regulation enacted by the College to provide for the safety and security of all persons on campus. Violators of this policy may have disciplinary procedures imposed in addition to prosecution under state and federal laws. The Police Department is empowered to enforce this state law. See the Board Policy Manual regarding the Firearms policy.

Questions regarding the Illinois Firearms Concealed Carry Act or the Firearms Policy may be directed to the Police Department located in B176, near the commons area and café. The Police Department is staffed by police officers and campus public safety officers.

  • Non-emergency on-campus: 8733
  • Non-emergency off-campus: (815) 455-8733
  • Emergency: 911