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Parking Rules

Students, staff, and visitors of MCC must obey laws imposed by the State of Illinois, as well as regulations enacted by the College to regulate traffic and parking and to provide for the safety and security of all persons on campus. The MCC Police Department is empowered to enforce these laws and regulations, levy fines when regulations are not followed and issue college or court citation.

  • Vehicle Registration

    There is no fee to park in MCC maintained parking lots. Students, staff and visitors are not required to register vehicle parked on MCC property.

  • Parking Restrictions
    • Handicap parking is available to anyone legally authorized to operate a motor vehicle, provided it bears a special license plate or hangtag issued by the State of Illinois. Such parking is also available to a vehicle bearing temporary disability permits issued by local municipalities. All permits must be properly displayed. The fine for parking in a designated Handicap stall without authorization is $250. Handicap parking is available in all lots near building entrances.
    • Motorcycle parking is available near the gym entrance. Motorcycles may be parked in the lot provided.
    • Certain special parking designations have been made throughout campus and are clearly marked. Follow all posted signs. Parking in special designated areas without permission or authority will result in a fine. Do not park in areas designated for holders of medical or other special permits, tow risk zones, fire lanes, parking lot aisles, sidewalks, curbs, grass/lawn areas or along yellow painted curbs. These violations will result in citations, fines and/or towing charges.
  • Driving On Campus

    The main campus of MCC is incorporated in the City of Crystal Lake and is state supported property. All drivers must obey Illinois Vehicle Code, MCC regulations and applicable local ordinances.

    The speed limit for all campus parking lots is 15 mph. The ring road is posted 25 mph. Speed is monitored by radar for enforcement. Please reduce speed for construction, weather conditions, pedestrians, cyclists and heavy parking lot traffic.

  • Fines and Sanctions

    Authority: MCC is state supported property. The MCC Police Department has the authority to impose fines and sanctions for any violation of MCC parking regulations or violation of the Illinois Vehicle Code.


    The following violations will result in a citation of $25:

    • Parking in a marked fire lane
    • Parking on grass or unimproved surface
    • Parking over designated parking lines
    • Parking 2 to 6 a.m. without permission
    • Leaving an unattended motor vehicle running with keys in the ignition
    • Parking in a designated no parking zone
    • Blocking vehicles/roadway
    • Parking on sidewalk
    • Parking in non-designated spot
    • Parking in Permit Parking only spaces without a permit

    A handicap parking violation will result in a citation of $250.

    All fines must be paid within 30 days of the violation. Fines may be paid in person at the Registrar's Office A258 or by mail. Do not mail cash; submit a check or money order payable to: Registration Office-MCC.

    MCC Police Officers may issue Illinois traffic citations to enforce state or local traffic violations. All Illinois traffic citations will be handled through the McHenry County Circuit Clerk's Office.


    All persons receiving Illinois traffic or administrative citations are responsible for any fines or penalties imposed by the State of Illinois.

    Students may be subject to having their grade reports, transcripts and registration privileges withheld until all outstanding citations are processed by full payment or successfully appealed.

  • Appeal

    Anyone receiving a citation for violation of a MCC parking regulation has the right to appeal the citation, for reasonable cause, with the MCC Police Department. Appeal forms are located on the back of the citation. The appeal must be received within five days of the notice of violation. All decisions are final.

    The MCC Police Department will not entertain appeals of Illinois traffic citations. Refer to the court date and time listed on the citation.

  • Towing

    A vehicle which is abandoned or parked in such a way as to restrict normal and safe movement of traffic may be towed at the owner's expense. The vehicle owner will be responsible for any towing charges, including storage charges. Any vehicle left on college property, without proper notice to the MCC Police Department, for more than seven calendar days will be considered abandoned. A reasonable attempt will be made during this time to contact the owner.

  • Non-emergency on-campus: 8733
  • Non-emergency off-campus: (815) 455-8733
  • Emergency: 911

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