high school students in an automotive technology class

Partnership for College and Career Success Programs

Start working on a professional certificate or associate's degree while you're still in high school. Statistically speaking, that means your job (and salary) prospects will be better when you graduate. Plus, depending on the program, a lot of the classes are at no cost to you!

When you participate in a PCCS program, you come to MCC during your regular school day to take classes. Some credit you earn may count toward your high school graduation requirements, in addition to counting as college credit at MCC. These college credits may also transfer to other community colleges and four-year schools. MCC offers these PCCS programs:

How do I register for PCCS?

  1. Meet with your high school counselor or home school official and obtain permission to enroll in selected course(s). Remember, you must meet all prerequisites for the course(s).
  2. Complete the Registration Form by typing your answers into the blanks in the form online, printing out the form and then obtaining all the required signatures. Please note—you must completely fill out the Course Selection section of the form and have the proposed course list approved by a high school official. Complete this form each semester you participate in the dual enrollment program at MCC.
  3. Submit your completed registration form to your high school counselor.
  4. If you're taking an English, reading, or math class OR a course that requires one of these as a prerequisite, take your placement tests in the Testing Center at MCC, A245. Tests are given at no charge on a walk-in basis. ACT/SAT scores may be used in lieu of placement tests depending on scores. Your high school counselor or an MCC advisor can give you ACT/SAT score information.
  5. Purchase textbooks in the MCC bookstore.