High school student in chemistry class

Running Start

Running Start is a dual enrollment program that enables eligible high school students to take college classes. Some credit you earn may count toward your high school graduation requirements, in addition to counting as college credit at MCC. All courses remain on your permanent college transcript.

  • Eligibility
    • This opportunity is available to individuals who demonstrate strong academic ability based on performance either inside or outside of the classroom (e.g., GPA, test scores, extra curricular activities)
    • Course prerequisites must be satisfied as identified in the McHenry County College catalog.
    • Placement tests must have satisfactory scores to enroll in an English, reading, or math course or a course that requires one of these as a prerequisite. See Math Placement | ALEKS and English Placement | ACCUPLACER information.
    • MCC has implemented Multiple Measures criteria as another indicator for prerequisites. This will be explained to the student once we receive the Dual Credit Registration Form.
  • How to Register for Running Start
    1. Meet with your high school counselor or home school official. Remember, you must meet all prerequisites for the course(s).
    2. Submit the Dual Credit Registration Form, making sure to select the Running Start option.
      Submit this form each semester that you participate in the dual credit program at MCC.

    If you wish to receive high school credit also, it is your responsibility to contact your school.

    Once you graduate high school, follow MCC application procedures as a new college student, as if you've never attended MCC.

  • High School Counselor Information
    • Be aware that some classes offered at MCC are designed as eight-week courses.
    • Awarding dual credit (high school along with college) is determined on the high school level. Procedures for this process should be designed by each high school.
    • High school counselors must send an email to readiness@mchenry.edu containing:
      • a copy of each student's unofficial high school transcript
      • approval to take the courses
      • indication whether or not the student will be receiving high school credit in addition to college credit
  • What it's like to take a course at MCC

    Once you enroll under this program and begin attending MCC, you're considered a college student. Faculty expect the same level of performance from you as they expect from other college students.

  • MCC's academic calendar

    MCC operates on a semester system, which may be different from the high school academic calendar. Holidays the college celebrates and vacation periods may be different from high school schedules and you may be expected to attend classes at the college even though your high school in not in session.

    See the academic calendar

  • Class Attendance

    Though faculty may or may not take attendance, it's your responsibility to be prepared each day and meet all deadlines.

  • The difference between the college classroom and the high school classroom

    Class participation is an integral part of college and most faculty require students to participate in classroom discussions which are taught at a much faster pace than classes in high school.

  • Homework

    College classes demand approximately two hours of homework for each hour of class. Generally, there will be no classroom time for homework.

  • Transportation?

    You are responsible for your own transportation to and from classes.