Using Canvas, the Online Course Management System

If you've registered for an online or blended course at MCC, you’ll be using Canvas, MCC’s online course management system, to access instructional content. All instructional content will be delivered via Canvas. 

The Canvas Interface Explained

Watch this video about the Canvas user interface.

  • Access Canvas from your web browser (recommended)

    Preferred Method

    1. Log on to myMCC
    2. Select the Canvas Online Learning icon Canvas
    3. Log on to Canvas using your myMCC username and password

    Alternative Method

    1. Type into your browser's address bar
    2. Log on to Canvas using your myMCC username and password

    Canvas Browser Support

    • Firefox - Recommended! You can set up Firefox to update automatically. 56 and 57 (extended releases are not supported)
    • Chrome - Recommended! Chrome is updated automatically once downloaded. 62 and 63.
    • Safari - This is the default browser on all Apple computers. Get new updates by running Apple updates on your computer.
    • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge - The latest version of Edge and IE will work with Canvas, but Chrome and Firefox are preferred. If you have problems, please switch to Chrome or Firefox.
    • Flash 27 and 28 (used for recording or viewing audio/video and uploading files

    Note: If you’ve upgraded your browser but you’re still seeing the warning “Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements for Canvas,” try logging out of Canvas and deleting your browser cookies.

  • Access Canvas on your smart device

    We recommend that students do not complete assignments and quizzes in Canvas (via browser or app) from smartphones to avoid potential technical issues with assignment submission or quiz taking.

    For IOS Devices

    Download app for IOS

    For Android Devices

    Google Play Download

    Access your course(s) by selecting Courses from the global navigation at the top of your Canvas home page. Then select the name of the course you wish to open from the menu. Once in a course, look around and familiarize yourself.

    Note: You must have enrolled in a credit course in order to have access to Canvas. A credit course will not be available to students before the first day of the course unless an instructor chooses to make the course available early.

  • How to Take a Course at MCC using Canvas

    If you're new to MCC or Canvas, you should complete the Canvas orientation course, How to Take a Course at MCC using Canvas, before your online course begins. The orientation course is available in Canvas one week prior to the start date of your online or blended course.

    1. Look for Courses in the global navigation at the top of your Canvas home page
    2. Click Courses and select How to Take a Course at MCC using Canvas from the menu
  • Save Your Work in an E-Portfolio in Canvas

    See who should build an e-porfolio, how to build an e-portfolio and e-portfolio requirements at

  • Self-Paced Online Courses (SPOCs)

    formerly known as Telecourses

    SPOC students, please bring a copy of your current course schedule along with a photo ID to take exams at the Testing Center. SPOCs are 16 weeks in length unless you choose to complete course early.

    If your instructor has indicated in the e-syllabus that he/she will be using Canvas in the SPOC, log on to myMCC, select the Canvas Online Learning icon and log on to Canvas using your myMCC username and password.

  • MCC 101 Online Course

    If you're registered for an online section of MCC 101, it is very important that you log on to Canvas prior to the first class to get critical information about the structure of the course. We only have eight required class meetings, so that first class is essential to your success in the course. Remember, you must successfully complete MCC 101 to satisfy this important first-year requirement of your college experience!

Distance Learning Office, A210

Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.