Learning Communities

Twofers and SuperTwofers

Learning Communities are the best way to earn multiple credits while exploring some of today’s most interesting and relevant topics.

Two professors teach together in one combined time frame, breaking down barriers between disciplines and allowing you to apply what you’re learning through discussions, hands-on activities, and more.

  • What are Learning Communities?

    Learning Communities are either fully integrated or linked classes that integrate multiple courses into one learning experience. They break down the barriers between disciplines and enable students to interact in new and unexpected ways with each other and the faculty.

  • What is the difference between Twofers and SuperTwofers?


    • Earn six credits instead of three
    • Combines two general education or elective courses
    • Offered in both Fall and Spring semesters
    • Perfect for anyone!


    • Earn seven credits instead of three
    • Combines two pathway-related general education courses with MCC 101
    • Only offered in Fall semesters
    • Perfect for those who have decided their pathway (but can still be taken if you are unsure about your pathway!)
  • How can a Learning Community enhance my classroom experience?

    The coursework is integrated to emphasize the connections between multiple subjects. There is a higher degree of interaction and involvement between teachers and students.

  • Why should I enroll in a Learning Community?

    Learning Communities are an exciting and challenging approach to learning. Topics from separate courses are blended together in a unique way, and the class is usually team taught with both instructors present at all times. As discussion evolves, ideas are examined from different viewpoints.

  • Are Learning Communities extra work?

    One of the benefits of Learning Communities is that assigned readings, written papers and class projects are typically designed to receive credit for all classes.

  • How does a Learning Community appear on my transcript?

    The courses are listed as stand-alone courses with individual grades and credit.