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Strategic Plan

On February 28, 2019, the MCC Board of Trustees approved and adopted the College's new strategic plan to span from 2019-2024. The plan provides a dynamic roadmap for the institution's success, aligning department and division goals and initiatives with student needs and educational and labor projections. The strategic plan is intended to be fluid. When change is necessary based on student feedback and demand, career demand, or primary and secondary education trends, the plan can change as well. Ultimately, the plan outlines our educational direction to champion learning, and transform students through challenging, inspiring instruction.

The mission, vision, values, and institutional goals this plan presents will guide MCC's strategies, tactics, and the allocation of resources over the next five years, and they support MCC's ongoing commitment to research-based continuous improvement and our mission of student success.

Mid-Plan Update - September 2022 | Strategic Plan 2019–2024