Jackie Howell

Academic Advisor

Jackie Howell, Academic Advisor

My name is Jackie Howell and I’m an Academic Advisor. I’m passionate about higher education and helping students have positive experiences. Perhaps that’s because I had such a wonderful college experience myself. I earned my bachelor’s degree at Eastern Illinois University and loved it. I earned my Master of Education from the University of Missouri.

Part of why I like MCC so much is because it is a supportive campus. If a student has an issue or needs guidance, there are plenty of faculty and staff who are eager to help. My advice to students is to ask for anything you need. We want to help—just ask! My other advice is to try to get involved in campus organizations and activities.

Three things you should know about me:

  1. I love to travel, whether it be camping in a beautiful forest or touring a new state or country.
  2. I have three daughters with three different personalities: one academic, one artistic, and one athletic.
  3. I was a first-generation college student.