About the Culinary Management AAS

The Culinary Management (CLM) program at MCC introduces you to the range of opportunities found in the hospitality field. We prepare you with the necessary skills for starting positions within various settings of the food service industry. Coursework includes introduction to hospitality and safety and sanitation, as well as skills classes in both culinary skills and in baking and pastry. Courses are designed to meet industry standards.

The purpose of the CLM program is to increase the number of individuals trained in specialized food handling and preparation skills to fill a growing number of entry-level positions in the regional food service industry.

Looking to go further in your culinary career? MCC is pleased to announce a 2+1 program with Southern Illinois University (SIU). Complete an AAS degree in culinary management at MCC, and transfer to SIU to complete a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Tourism Administration in 30 additional credit hours. The degree and classes are offered at both the Carbondale and Gray’s Lake campus sites.

Tartan Bistro has been canceled for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. All reservations are canceled at this time.

Thank you for the continued support of the culinary program! We hope to see you in the Sweet Scots Bakery in the fall semester. Visit www.mchenry.edu/sweets for updates on Sweet Scots opening day.

Sweet Scots Bakery, our student-run bakery, operates in the Fall semester.

Tartan Bistro, our student-run restaurant, operates in the Spring semester.

All students in lab skills classes are required to have the approved MCC student uniform, hat and tool kit. Uniforms and tool kits are included in course fees. Orders are placed via an outside vendor the first week of CLM 101 and PAS 101 classes. Additional recommended items will vary by class and some additional items will be available for purchase in the bookstore. See more uniform and toolkit information in our frequently asked questions.

Total Cost of Culinary Management AAS

(in-district) Total Amount: $12,003.00

Credit Hours to Complete: 67

Weeks to Complete: 80

Culinary Management Degree Requirements

What makes MCC's Culinary Management AAS program better than or distinct from similar programs at other institutions?

MCC offers two Associate of Applied Science degrees and several related certificates. The program is designed so you can complete your Chef's Assistant I Certificate or Baking and Pastry Assistant I Certificate as you work toward either your Culinary Management AAS or your Baking and Pastry Management AAS.

Be sure to apply for MCC scholarships to help defray the cost of your education. We have several scholarships especially for culinary students.

In addition to the Culinary Management AAS, we offer:

What you need to know about getting your Culinary Management AAS (CIP 12.0504 )

Total Culinary Management AAS Costs
  in-district out-of-district out-of-state international
Tuition $7,471.00 $25,337.00 $31,499.00 $31,499.00
Additional Culinary Management AAS Costs $4,532.00 $4,532.00 $4,532.00 $4,532.00
Program Total $12,003.00 $29,869.00 $36,031.00 $36,031.00

How do I know this program is right for me?

  • Are you able to maintain a professional level attendance record?
  • Are you able to perform repetitive tasks for an extended amount of time?
  • Are you physically able to work in situations with time limits?
  • Are you mentally able to work in situations with time limits?
  • Are you able to lift up to 50 pound boxes or bags of product?
  • Are you able to efficiently and safely handle and grip a knife?
  • Are you able to read and write clearly and concentrate effectively?
  • Are you able to perform basic math skills without the aid of a calculator?


What job opportunities are available to someone with a Culinary Management AAS?

Line cook, lead cook

Occupations that Culinary Management AAS prepares you for
Occupation and Occupational Profile Link SOC Code
Chefs and Head Cooks 35-1011
Cooks, Private Household 35-2013
First-Line Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Workers 35-1012
Food Service Managers 11-9051

How will MCC's Culinary Management AAS program prepare me for my career or connect me to opportunities?

  • By completing the Sanitation and Safety course, you are eligible to sit for the State of Illinois Sanitation Certificate examination.
  • Ask about internships!

By the Numbers:

  • Salary Range: $25,000 to $35,000
  • Job Outlook:
    • On average there are more than 800 openings in the culinary field in McHenry County alone
    • Ninety percent of students find jobs in culinary arts within one year of graduation

What have graduates gone on to do?

Outside of the Classroom