ACT WorkKeys® Assessments

WorkKeys Helps Businesses Succeed

WorkKeys® assessments provide reliable, objective and relevant information about potential and incumbent employees. This information helps businesses make solid decisions about their workforce. From employee selection to employee development, WorkKeys has a variety of assessments that help with screening, selection, training and development to succession planning. Employers using WorkKeys assessments report significant return on investment in turnover, training costs and training time.

National Career Readiness Certification

National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a nationally portable credential for individuals which verifies core employability skills that are valuable across all businesses and industries. The credential offers individuals, employers, and educators a standardized approach to recognizing the universal value of these skills in job success. The certificate recognizes individual skills at four levels: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Employers can become involved by simply recognizing the NCRC when it is presented to them by a potential employee.

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Paraprofessional Testing

Paraprofessionals work in schools with children from kindergarten through high school. They hold such positions as teacher's aides, library aides, computer aides, special needs aides, one-on-one aides and other roles. The No Child Left Behind Act mandated that Paraprofessionals be highly qualified. The state of Illinois has selected WorkKeys Assessments as one of the ways to fulfill this requirement. This testing is offered approximately seven times per year. A license is required and information is provided about how to apply for this with the State of Illinois.

We offer an information session prior to each test date that provides information to anyone wishing to be more prepared before taking the assessments. The sessions are optional, but highly recommended, for anyone concerned about taking the tests. Information includes what to expect on test day, a sample question from each test, and how to interpret the scores. Additionally, we provide handouts to review before the test.

“...when you implement WorkKeys® testing and the National Career Readiness Certificate, the cost is extremely minimal,” reports Kneubuehl. “...It costs Berner around $5,000 just to train a new employee, and if they aren’t the right fit, we’ve lost that investment and still have to find someone else and get them on board and trained.”
Berner Foods Success
  • Turnover in one department reduced from 13 terminations to 1 within 2 years
  • Workers' compensation expense reduction from $300,000 to $15,000 (95%) in two years
  • Nonconforming product expense reduction: 80% over two years

- Stephen Kneubuehl, president and CEO of Berner Foods