Undergraduate Research Scholar Program Faculty Information

  • Why should I get involved?

    URSP allows both faculty and students the opportunity to further pursue their broader goals and interests.  Additional benefits include:

    • Working with URSP students may help faculty to develop greater insights to connecting with students both academically and interpersonally. 
    • Faculty members choose who they work with. Faculty select research assistants using their own criteria and at their own discretion.
    • URSP faculty will receive funds to cover research materials and expenses along with a $200 stipend per year. Mentoring undergraduates contributes to their success.
    • Participation in programs like URSP allow faculty to contribute to the retention, performance, and graduation rates of underrepresented and at-risk students.
  • How do I get involved?

    First, faculty should post a description of their individual research projects for students to consider. You will need to complete both forms to participate in this program. If your research involves human participants, the request for research form must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) team prior to the start of the research. Complete the faculty profile application.  Your responses will be posted on the website for students to review and respond. Student inquiries will be forwarded to you via email.

    Secondly, faculty should interview the candidates in whom they are interested.  Again, the selection criteria are completely based on your own preferences and needs. 

    Once you have selected a candidate, draft a brief summary of what is expected from the student, including type of research activities involved and the time commitment. With your application, please provide a syllabus. Give a copy of the agreement to the student for inclusion in their application materials.

    If your project requires funds, contact ursp@mchenry.edu to initiate the funds transfer to your department’s budget no later than the tenth day of the semester.