Traffic Safety School - What You Need to Know

Before Traffic Safety School (TSS)

  • Am I eligible for TSS?

    If you have had supervision for another ticket within 12 months of this current ticket and you participated in a TSS in McHenry County or any other agency/county, you are not eligible. This 12-month period starts on the sentencing date, which is the date you enter your plea and not the date you attended TSS.

    It is your responsibility to verify your eligibility before paying for TSS. If you are uncertain about your eligibility, call the TSS at (815) 479-7777. If you pay for TSS and discover that you are not eligible, we cannot refund your TSS fee.

  • What is "Court Supervision"?

    Court supervision is when the Court withholds judgment against you and does not enter a conviction as long as you comply with the terms of your sentence. If you have no other moving violations within the dates of court supervision and you attend TSS or complete online TSS, your ticket will not be reported as a conviction to the Secretary of State.

    For most traffic law offenders, court supervision is for 120 days from the date you plead guilty unless otherwise specified by the Court.

    If you receive another ticket for a moving violation before the end date of your court supervision, the Judge may revoke your supervision which could result in a conviction on your driving record.

    If you are not eligible or fail to complete the TSS course successfully, a conviction will be reported to the Secretary of State and your TSS fees will not be refunded.

  • How do I request "Court Supervision with Traffic Safety School"?

    Review the paperwork you received from the ticketing officer and verify that

    1. You have not reached the Court date listed on your ticket
    2. The "appearance" section at the bottom of your paperwork is marked "no court appearance required"

    If both of these conditions have been met, you are eligible to plead guilty and complete TSS to receive court supervision without a court appearance and avoid a conviction on your driving record.

    Mail the paperwork with your guilty plea and payment for the fine and TSS in the envelope provided by the ticketing officer. The Circuit Clerk must receive your payment at least one business day prior to the court date listed on your ticket.

    Payments can also be made in person at the McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s Office located at the Woodstock Court House (2200 N. Seminary Ave. in Woodstock) or on their website at The Circuit Clerk's office does not take payments over the phone but you can contact the Circuit Clerk’s office with questions at  (815) 334-4190 (option 5). 

    Note: Drivers under the age of 18 or CDL license holders driving CDL vehicles when the ticket was issued may not plead guilty and request court supervision with TSS.

    • Drivers under the age of 18 must appear in court on the court date listed on the ticket with a parent or guardian to request court supervision.
    • CDL drivers must appear in court to request court supervision.

    If you appeared in court in front of a Judge on the court date listed on your ticket and you were granted court supervision with TSS, you will be notified by mail of your class or online course assignment after all fines are paid in full.

  • How do I pay for TSS?

    When you choose TSS and court supervision on your paperwork and you pay the fines, you are paying for TSS. You will not receive your course assignment for TSS until you pay all fines in full.

    If you are on a payment plan through the Court, call us after making your final payment to check if there is enough time to schedule your TSS before your deadline with the Court.

  • How do I register for TSS?

    Once you've submitted your paperwork to request court supervision with TSS, Register for TSS and Update Your Information Here »

    You will receive a confirmation letter in the mail within three weeks of paying your fines in full.  

    The letter includes the class date, time, and directions to the Shah Center, or your online course information. Call (815) 479-7777 if you do not receive your letter within three weeks of making your final payment.

    MCC is not responsible for lost, late, or undeliverable mail. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they receive the course assignment to complete their supervision conditions.

    Other Things You Can Do at the Registration Site

    1. Choose your class preference
    2. Grant staff permission to speak with your parents if you are under 18 years old 
    3. Update your address if the address on your ticket is not your current address
  • Can I reschedule my TSS?

    Yes, time permitting. Call (815) 479-7777 and pay the rescheduling fee.

    Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, our staff is not allowed to discuss case details or reschedule with anyone but the student. Students under 18 years must indicate on the registration form that staff has permission to speak with parents.

  • Can I take TSS here if I received my ticket outside of McHenry County?

    Yes, you can call (815) 479-7777 to register and pay for TSS. 

    It is your responsibility to verify which class is needed (either four-hour or eight-hour) and you must provide that county where you received your ticket with your certificate of completion according to their supervision terms. You may not take the online course.

  • Can I take TSS for a discount on my insurance?

    Check with your auto insurance provider to see if they offer discounts for completing TSS.

    Call (815) 479-7777 to register and pay for TSS. 

    It is your responsibility to provide your auto insurance provider with your certificate of completion. You may not take the online course.

  • Can I take a Graduate to Safety Driver Remedial Education course through TSS?

    MCC’s TSS does not offer Graduate to Safety Driver Remedial Education classes. These classes are held at the Shah Center but are provided by the National Safety Council. Call the National Safety Council at (800) 822-7009 (option 1) or go to for more information.

The Day of In-Person Traffic Safety School

  1. Arrive on time. If you're late, you will not be allowed into class and will be required to pay a rescheduling fee, which is the full cost of the class. 
  2. Bring a government-issued photo ID with you. You will not be admitted without a photo ID.
  3. If weather is inclement or winter advisories have been issued, or this could be a factor, check for cancellation information or call (815) 479-7777 before leaving for your class. If MCC does close campus, we'll automatically reschedule your TSS class and we'll send you a new letter. You do not have to call TSS to reschedule.

After Traffic Safety School

When you successfully complete TSS (either classroom or online), we'll notify the McHenry County Circuit Clerk who will update your case record and notify the Secretary of State.

If you do not complete the class within the terms of your supervision, a conviction will be reported to the Secretary of State.

If you fail to complete the TSS course successfully, your case will be closed with TSS, and our staff will not be able to assist you. Contact the McHenry County Circuit Clerk at (815) 334-4190 (option 5) to discuss your options.