FAQs about the Sage Learning Center

  • Who can use the Sage Learning Center (SLC)?

    You must be registered in an MCC credit course and registered in the class for which you wish to receive tutoring.

    • The subjects we tutor are math, writing, chemistry, physics, accounting, and CIS.
    • Individual subject times vary. Tutor schedules are available at SLC and on our web page. Please check the schedules for any changes.
  • I’ve never been to SLC before. What do I do?
    • It’s simple. Come to A212L in the library, sign in on the computer (you will need your student I.D. number), and then find the table for the subject you need help with. When you're finished, sign out. You must sign in and out each time you use SLC, or if you need help in more than one subject.
    • Bring the appropriate materials (such as calculators, books, pencils, paper), assignments that you want help with, and be ready to begin work. The tutors will help you work through the assignments. They do not teach the material nor do the work for you.
  • Can I use the SLC computers and printers for my class assignments?
    • Only if you are working with an SLC tutor. Computers are for academic work only. No personal use, such as games, email, social networking, YouTube, ordering products, etc. is permitted.
    • You may use the SLC printers only if you are working with a tutor. Academic printing is limited to 12 pages per day. See the information cards on each computer for additional restrictions.
  • If I need a place to study, can I go to SLC?
    • The Sage Learning Center is for tutoring only and is NOT a general study hall. If you need a place to study, we suggest the library.
    • Students may sit in SLC only if a tutor is on duty. Students may not “sit and wait” at a specific table more than 15 minutes before the tutor arrives. Furthermore, students must leave when tutoring for a specific subject is over.
  • Is writing and math tutoring for English and Math classes only?
    • Our writing tutors will assist you with any written assignments (outlines, essays, speeches, Power Points, etc.) for any course. We will also assist registered students with resumes, cover letters, and college application essays.
    • Our math tutors will assist ONLY students registered in MCC math courses. This does not include business math.
    • However, our chemistry and physics tutors will help students who are registered in those courses with math-related questions.
    • Math students working on homework may work at the long, straight table by the windows so that they can quickly access the appropriate math tutor when they have questions.
  • I’m taking an on-line course. Is on-line tutoring available?

    Yes, on-line tutoring is available. Select on the on-line writing lab link on any of the Sage web pages and follow the instructions. When submitting a paper for review, allow at least two days lead time, not including weekends.

  • Can SLC tutors help me with quizzes, tests, and preparing for placement tests?

    Absolutely not. Helping someone would defeat the purpose of the quizzes and tests. Placement test are taken in the Testing Center in A245.

  • I'm expecting an urgent call. Can I use my cell phone?

    No. SLC observes the MCC Student Code of Conduct which prohibits the use of cell phones, or any other electronic device in any room where student learning activities are taking place. Students must step into the hallway to take their calls.

  • I didn't have time to finish my lunch. Can I eat in SLC?

    Food is never allowed at the tutoring or computer tables. However, you may bring a beverage, such as coffee, bottled water, or pop, but no beverages are allowed at the computers.

  • If I'm in the Sage and have to leave for awhile, can I leave my stuff there?

    No, you must take your personal belongings with you, as they take up space where space may be limited. SLC is not responsible for your belongings. Never leave them unattended.

  • Does the Student Code of Conduct also apply to SLC?
    • Yes, without exception. Sage Learning Center observes the MCC Student Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the specific SLC rules are backed by the administration of this college.
    • A student who breaks a rule could be asked to leave the tutoring center. For a serious infraction, a student incident report will be filed and the Dean of Academic Development will investigate the complaint. This could result in a student losing access to the Sage Learning Center.

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