Interfaith Reflection Room

Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to use the Interfaith Reflection Room in A251 to practice their faith or reflect privately during the days and times the College is open. Various prayer and reflective items are available for communal use.

You can reserve the room for a specific date and time between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. by submitting a request.

Submit a request to reserve the Interfaith Reflection Room »

Expectations for Use

To ensure we serve the community inclusively, follow these expectations when using the room.

Before You Enter

  • Enter if the green “Vacant Thank You” sign is hanging from the doorknob. Flip the sign to “Occupied Thank You” to indicate that you are using the room
  • Knock before entering; if no one responds, enter
  • Do not enter if the red “Occupied Thank You” sign is hanging from the doorknob
  • Remove your shoes outside the door, change into clean shoes that have no dirt or grime on them, or put on the shoe covers found inside the room to maintain a clean and respectful space. You can place your shoes on the shoe rack inside.
  • Keep food and uncovered cups outside of the room

When You Leave

  • Keep the space clean; anything that needs to be disposed of should go in the garbage or recycle bin in the room
  • Put the items you used back in the cabinet/where you found them
  • Be respectful of the items and the space