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Phi Theta Kappa International encourages chapters to complete two service projects each year. The projects start new each year. Topics are chosen based on current developments in the college, community, and Phi Theta Kappa as well as the interests of the current chapter members. The College Project is developed in consultation with the college president and other members of the administration and works to advance the mission of the college. The Honors in Action project works from a broad theme supplied by Phi Theta Kappa International and narrows, using research and discussion, to a community action project.

Our chapter has often created videos or posters for our projects, and those videos and posters, as well as the completed project awards applications, are posted below for further information.

Come join us for this year's projects! Any MCC student can participate at any level, for just one event or the entire process.


College Project 2020

Motivation: Knowing the WHY

Applying Education to Life Goals:

Finding Motivation:

Neutralizing Self Sabotage:


See our award application for the project

Honors in Action 2020

Deskwork Stressbusters

Promotion for Student Services and Resources

Student Success fund brochure cover
tips for mental and physical health
student conference hours flyer

See our award application for the project


College Project

See our award application for this project

Honors in Action

See our award application for this project


College Project 2018

A Collaboration to Promote Career Services

Honors in Action 2018

Fieldwork at Boger Bog

PTK members at Boger Bog
PTK at Boger Bog
PTK at Bogger Bog

See our award application for the project


Honors in Action 2017

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