What do these grades mean?

Final letter grades are earned for each course at the end of each semester. Grade point average (G.P.A.) is calculated using quality points divided by attempted credit hours. Grades are recorded on each student's transcript according to the following performance criteria:

Grades that are calculated in grade-point average excluding developmental level coursework*
Letter Explanation
A Outstanding performance in mastering of the subject. Achievement of superior quality. (Four grade points per credit hour)
B Consistent performance in achievement beyond the usual requirements of the course. Achievement of high quality. (Three grade points per credit hour)
C Performance of a satisfactory nature. Achievement demonstrating an understanding of the subject sufficient for continued study in the discipline. (Two grade points per credit hour)
D Minimally acceptable performance. Achievement demonstrating below average understanding of the basic elements of the course. (One grade point per credit hour)
F Achievement at a level insufficient to demonstrate understanding of the basic elements of the course. (Zero grade points)

Grades that are not calculated in grade-point average
Letter Explanation
T A "T" grade on a transcript represents a temporary grade which means the records office is waiting for grades to be submitted by the instructor.
I Incomplete - A temporary grade indicating completion of most but not all of the requirements of the course due to circumstances beyond your control. (NOTE: An incomplete grade requires that you make necessary arrangements with the involved instructor to complete the remaining work within 45 days. Failure on your part to do so will result in a grade of F.) An "Incomplete" grade does not meet prerequisite requirements and will affect your ability to register for the next level course.
W Student-, instructor- or administrative-initiated withdrawal from a course.
X Audit of a course. No credit or performance grade is awarded.
S Denotes satisfactory completion of nondegree coursework or a credit course graded pass/fail.
NC Denotes unsatisfactory performance in non-degree coursework or a credit class grade pass/fail.
REPEAT Course repeated as indicated by REPEAT in the hours or CEU's column.
FORGVN Forgiven grades indicated by FORGVN in hours column.

CLEP tests results are not part of the grade-point average calculation. Transcripts will reflect the course that the CLEP test is for and the credit hours.

*All classes below 100 are developmental classes and are not calculated into the College G.P.A.