Engineering Technology—Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree—Automation Option

Meet the growing need for college-educated problem solvers who support the engineering process. MCC’s Engineering Technology program teaches the hands-on technical skills required to create cutting-edge production and system implementation solutions.

The Engineering Technology—Automation option is a degree track for Industrial Maintenance Technician Certificate students. Students will pursue coursework related to PLC programming, electrical/electronics, hydraulics, and pneumatics. It is designed to give students a foundational understanding of how these concepts support the maintenance of existing machines and manufacturing processes. This track is ideal for students looking to pursue careers in electronic engineering technology and programming.

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A Program in Conjunction with The MCC Fast Track

The Fast Track at McHenry County College is a cohort-based program that gives students the advantage they need when competing for jobs in today’s workforce. Through the Fast Track, students can earn a certificate in two years or less and an associate degree in three years, depending on the program.

Sample Semester 1 - Fall 16 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: ENG-151#3 hrs,MAT-106#3 hrs,AET-171#3 hrs,Select an AET or IMT or WLD Elective#3 hrs,Select a Humanities or Fine Arts Course#3 hrs,MCC-101#1 hr*
*MCC-101 is not a graduation requirement for any of our degrees or certificates.

Sample Semester 2 - Spring 12 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: IMT-106#3 hrs,IMT-102#3 hrs,IMT-105#3 hrs,IMT-103#3 hrs

Sample Semester 3 - Summer 6 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: SPE-151#3 hrs,IMT-121 | IMT 120#3 hrs

Sample Semester 4 - Fall 9 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: IMT-104#3 hrs,AET-151#3 hrs,IMT 140 #3 hrs

Semester 5 - Spring 12 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: AET or IMT or WLD Elective#3 hrs,IMT-141 #3 hrs,IMT-145 #3 hrs,IMT-150 #3 hrs

Semester 6 - Summer 6 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: SOC-151#3 hrs,IMT-250 | AET-261#3 hrs

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