The Illinois Director Credential Program

The Illinois Director Credential (IDC) is earned through validation of accomplishments in five competency components. Awarded at three levels, the individual must have attained an Associate Degree for Level I, a Baccalaureate Degree for Level II and a Master's or other advanced degrees for Level III. At each level, the candidate must demonstrate a strong foundation in early childhood and school-age care and education through completed coursework. The candidate must also complete course work that demonstrates a strong understanding of basic business and management theories and practices. The worksite is a powerful laboratory for evaluating effective practices and the successful candidate will have completed one, three, or five years of management for Levels I, II and III, respectively. The fifth component requires the director to demonstrate competency in leadership through professional contributions made to the field, beyond the scope of daily management activities. By demonstrating competency in the five components, the director earns the Illinois Director Credential - a standard in management and leadership and a symbol of individual professional achievement.

McHenry County College
Level I Entitled Program for the Illinois Director Credential (IDC)

Directors need a strong foundation in the fundamentals of child development and early childhood in order to guide the best practices of teachers and support staff. McHenry County College is an approved site for Level I Entitled Program. This program is a course sequence that fulfills the professional preparation of directors and students that wish to pursue the role of an administrator of early childhood and education programs.

Students need to complete this program within two years of completing the degree requirements. Students not enrolled in the degree program who want to pursue the IDC can use the Direct Application Route.