Fundamentals of Design Certificate

About Fundamentals of Design Certificate

Your Fundamentals of Design Certificate is the first step towards a certificate in Graphic Design and a degree in Graphic Arts. Many students continue on for a higher certificate and/or a degree.

Total Costs of Fundamentals of Design Certificate

(in-district) Total Amount: $2,789

Credit Hours to Complete: 18

Weeks to Complete: 32

What you need to know about getting your Fundamentals of Design Certificate (CIP 50.0401)

Total Fundamentals of Design Certificate Costs
in-district out-of-district out-of-state international
Tuition $2,007 $6,655 $8,359 $8,359
Additional Costs $782 $782 $782 $782
Program Total $2,789 $7,437 $9,141 $9,141

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Occupations that Fundamentals of Design Certificate prepares you for
Occupation and Occupational Profile Link SOC Code
Commercial and Industrial Designers 27-1021
Graphic Designers 27-1024
Set and Exhibit Designers 27-1027
Designers, All Other 27-1029

What makes MCC’s Fundamentals of Design Certificate program better than or distinct from similar programs at other institutions?

MCC's Fundamentals of Design Certificate program is taught by dedicated instructors who are working in the field of Graphic Design. Opportunities for large-format printing, use of state-of-the-art design labs, and access to education in related design fields allow students to enter the workforce prepared for entry-level design.

How will MCC's Fundamentals of Design Certificate program prepare me for my career or connect me to opportunities?

MCC’s Fundamentals of Design Certificate program prepares students with introductory design skills in a professional setting. Students will have the beginning skills to solve design problems with up-to-date technology and processes.

What have graduates gone on to do?

Graduates with the Fundamentals of Design Certificate have found entry-level work in the design field and typically pursue continued education by seeking the Graphic Design Certificate and/or the AAS degree in Graphic Arts.

Outside the Classroom

Students in the Graphic Arts program have the opportunity to collaborate with other students, display work, participate in VOICES magazine, and network in a thriving social media presence.

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Semesters to complete assumes students are taking a full-time credit load of 12 credits per semester (the minimum required for federal financial aid).

Proportion of students completing in normal time is the percentage of completers who earned the credential within the specified time of their first enrollment at the College.

Students attending part-time or changing their program of study are two common reasons why they may not complete in "normal" time.

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