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MCC 101 | The College Experience

Students who successfully completed MCC101 were 94% more likely to successfully complete their bachelor's degree. 🎓

We want all of our students to succeed at MCC and we believe that the more you know about the resources we have in place to support you, the better you will be able to benefit from them. To that end, we've created MCC 101: The College Experience, a course dedicated to exploring and explaining MCC's support services.

  • Create an academic plan
  • Use online course management tools
  • Explore applications of diversity
  • Utilize scheduling options and plans
  • Become familiar with campus resources
  • Demonstrate basic college-level writing and research expectations
  • Who's required to take MCC 101?

    All first-time students must successfully complete MCC 101 during their first year unless they have:

    • Previously earned at least 24 semester hours of college credit with a 2.00 cumulative grade point average (at another college) or
    • Successfully completed a course equivalent to MCC 101 at another college. Course must be documented on a college transcript.
  • Why do I have to take this course?

    It's important to us to be available to you early in your college career to answer your questions, discuss your expectations, and provide you with tools appropriate for college.

  • What topics are covered in the course?

    You'll learn about MCC’s General Education Goals of Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, Effective Communication, and Professionalism; and you will understand how you will start to work toward mastering these skills through your academic work at MCC. You'll also learn about campus resources, and be a part of a community of other first-year students.

  • Is there homework involved?

    Yes, there is homework for MCC-101. You will participate in discussions with classmates, take reading quizzes, and complete short writing assignments and activities. There are no exams. You will complete all coursework with the objective of understanding MCC’s General Education Goals of Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, Effective Communication, and Professionalism; and you will access all course material and submit all assignments using MCC’s learning management system, Canvas. There is no additional textbook required for the course.

  • Is the credit for this course transferable?

    Yes, MCC 101 has been articulated and will transfer to some state schools. See an advisor for more information ⇒

  • Will I receive a grade or is it pass/fail?

    You'll receive a letter grade (A through F) for completion of the course.

  • Is there a proficiency test for the course?

    No, a proficiency test is not available for this course.

  • The catalog states MCC101 is a one-credit course that meets for eight weeks. How does that work? When does the course start?

    One-credit implies that there will be sixteen class hours. Eight-week courses begin during the first week of the semester and again approximately during the ninth week.

    You can take MCC 101 in one of four formats:

    • Traditional eight-week format - Classes meet four times and students will be expected to attend seminars during the other four weeks. The seminars you choose to attend will require registration. Your instructor will explain the registration process at your first class meeting.
    • Blended/Hybrid format - four class meetings and four weeks of online activity
    • Summer format - available in a two- or four-week format
    • Online format - one online session will be offered each semester

If you’re serious about being the best college student you can, then MCC 102 is a great place to start. MCC 102 is a three-credit, general elective course that’s transferable to most schools. It’s ideal for returning students, veterans, athletes and anyone who’s interested in learning how to maximize their time at college. Students who need to maintain a certain GPA or who are at or below a 2.0 are also encouraged to take MCC 102.

Here are a few more resources to help you become a successful student at MCC and beyond.

What students are saying

"The most positive aspect of the course (MCC 101) for me was that it simply made me feel more comfortable about being on a college campus again." - Janet Knuth

"I enjoyed the seminar and the over-all class. The instructor made the classroom entertaining and interesting."

"This class covered and answered all of my questions and more...everything a college freshman needs to know."

"I liked critical thinking with diversity, they kept me attending."

"... the main things I will take away are time management, goal setting, communication skills, and how important it is to learn to think critically."

"I liked that it got us involved with other students because it is hard to meet new people."

"I really enjoyed the academic planning activities. For the first time ever I feel like I know what I want to do after school."

"I am glad my instructor made this class so much fun. I am sorry it was only an 8-week class."

"... it was far more useful than I could have ever imagined, and provided knowledge that would prove beneficial to me on my journey through college. This class has helped show me my academic strengths, as well as my weaknesses; it helped me to have a better outlook on things in my future, and helped me realize my interests as I start college."