Career and Technical Education Advisory Committees

Join an MCC Advisory Committee to have a direct impact on MCC programs that serve your industry!

MCC relies on the close ties we have with business and industry to ensure our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs meet current occupational needs. To that end, we build program-specific committees for each area. These committees generally meet once a semester for about two hours to help advise us on the development, implementation, and evaluation of CTE programs to ensure we’re meeting both our student and workforce needs in the community.

Your expertise and real-world experience can be critical in reinforcing MCC’s culture of continuous improvement and ensuring student success in a global economy! Let us know that you're interested in joining a CTE Advisory Committee by calling our Career and Technical Division Office at (815) 455-8732.

Functions of an Advisory Committee may include:

  • Providing input on curriculum development to ensure programs incorporate employability knowledge, skills, and behaviors
  • Assistance in identifying future occupational skills needs to keep them in line with labor market demands
  • Educational enrichment such as guest lectures, tours, mentoring, scholarships, internships, and job shadowing
  • Program review and goal setting to affirm mission and student learning outcomes
  • Recommending new technologies and practices
  • Evaluating existing programs, equipment, and facilities
  • Serving as a liaison between the local CTE program and the business community
  • Helping us recognize outstanding students, instructors, and community leaders
  • Promoting awareness of CTE programs in professional and community venues
  • See our Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee Manual for details