Liebman Institute for Science Innovation

The Liebman Institute for Science Innovation (LISI) is the place and the space for conversation and exploration of how things work from a scientific perspective. Through a series of groundbreaking programming, discussions, and partnerships, LISI provides relevant pieces of scientific information so individuals can make informed choices and decisions, both now and in the future. Simply put, people make better decisions when they know more.

LISI Vision: To equip our community members/citizens to have the power of knowledge and be transformative about decision-making, how we live our lives, and how we face the challenges ahead.

Programs Brought to You by LISI

The Science Behind It - Immersive Seminar Series

Join us for observation, discovery, and immersion into some of the most cutting-edge science topics. Hear from widely acclaimed experts in their fields, across a variety of topics—a truly interactive, small-group experience. Register for The Science Behind It Seminars »

LISI Lecture Series

Kicking off in Spring 2024, LISI’s seminal lecture series brings cutting-edge science to the forefront of our community and collective consciousness. Interacting with leading researchers and visionaries in a venue for sharing ideas and fostering imagination is guaranteed to be inspirational. Lectures include a meet-and-greet with guest speakers, as well as hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. Register for LISI Lectures »

Hall of Human Origins

This stunning collection of hominin skulls from the Bone Clones® Hominid line includes the seldom seen, fully articulated walking reconstruction of the 3.2 million-year-old skeleton " Lucy." These detailed casts of fossil specimens were carefully recreated by a team of anatomical sculptors in conjunction with anthropological consultants using published osteological data. The skulls are artistically and taxonomically arranged based on the current paleoanthropological record. The MCC Hall of Human Origins offers critical objective insight into hominin evolution through a uniquely human exploration of the fossil evidence. This interactive exhibit is on permanent display in the Life Sciences wing of the Liebman Science Center (Building F). Visit the Hall of Human Origins online

Planetarium Showcases

MCC's planetarium offers 45 seats under a spectacular 8.3-meter dome with high-definition video in an immersive surround sound environment. The planetarium is available for students of all ages, as well as the general public. See general admission show information

LISI-Sponsored Programs

Science Olympiad sponsor - LISI aims to make MCC the hub for Science Olympiad tournaments in the State of Illinois. Learn about the Illinois Science Olympiad

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Time: Behind and Beyond the Clock

68:30 p.m. Scot Room, B178



Winetasting: Chards and Charcuterie

69 p.m. Scot Room, B178