Amber is inspired to pursue a career as an English professor

Amber is inspired to pursue a career as an English professor. “ I love English and I wanted to pursue it in some way. I want to learn as much as I can and seek opportunities ..." More about Amber Steiger »

Amy Saldivar-Castaneda, Class of 2018

Amy Saldivar-Casteneda came to MCC already knowing what career she wanted to pursue — business education — but attending MCC allowed her to explore other options, make valuable connections More about Amy Saldivar »

Connie Kotecki

Connie Kotecki, says "The personalized attention and commitment my teachers showed to me and my peers was outstanding! More about Connie Kotecki »

Female Machining Student Pursues Passion for Building Machine Parts

Lynn Wos, says "MCC works for me because it's reasonably priced, close to home and it allows me to get a good start for where I plan to go in the future." More about Lynn Wos »

Hear what students have to say

"I like MCC because it's really close to home. The instructors here really love what they do and they make class enjoyable overall. I've learned so much..." More about Leila Valencia »

I was able to have my first two years of college paid for

I heard about the Promise Program my senior year in High School and I could not pass it up. More about Sarah Fox »

I was one of the few lucky recipients of the Promise Program

MCC and the Promise Program allowed me to follow my dream career path and helped get me where I am today More about Janae Taylor »

It was too great an opportunity to pass up

The Promise Program gave me the opportunity to not only attend college at a time when the economy made that hard to do, but also to give back to the community. I absolutely loved volunteering... More about Samantha Zelm »

MCC Promise Program helped me get where I needed to go

Thanks to the Promise Program, I was able to earn a college degree and pursue a graduate degree with little debt. More about Lucas M. Marshall »

MCC Student's Photo Appears in Deaf Life Magazine

A photograph created by MCC student, Rosemary Edwards, appears in the March issue of Deaf Life. More about Rosemary Edwards »

Returning Adult Gaining Necessary Skills for New Career in Graphic Design

I've grown artistically from learning the fundamentals and different techniques from the instructors who are sincerely committed to the students. More about Ryan Grandinetti »

Student Nurse Strives to Make Patients' Comfort Paramount

As she completes her last semester of nursing school, she doesn't have to worry about working and going to school, as she received $2,000 for tuition and books from the McClain Nursing Scholarship for More about Carol Etienne-John »

Student Writer Takes Third Place

Kelsey Cecala won third place at the 2016 Skyway Collegiate Writers Festival. More about Kelsey Cecala »

Thank you for your investment in my future

I am a husband, a father of three, an IT professional who is gainfully employed at a nearby high school, and an MCC graduate. More about Matt Knoll »

The Promise Program also helped me jump start my career

I thank MCC and The Promise Program for all of my success. More about Laura M. Ludwick »

Twin Brothers Pursue Passion for Filmmaking; Earn Award for Best Feature

Twins Adrian and Andrew Nuno started filmmaking since they were five years old. They enjoyed going to the movies with their parents and afterwards, the two of them re-enacted their favorite scene at h More about Adrian and Andrew Nuno »