Student spotlight Connie Kotecki

Connie Kotecki, MCC Transfer Student

Connie Kotecki, of Harvard, a busy mom of three, returned to MCC in Summer 2014 to move closer to her goal of becoming a nurse…"

Sarah Ruthven interacting with art students

Teaching about art history and the visual world is Sarah Ruthven’s passion

Sarah Ruthven, MCC art instructor, "our focus is getting students to understand how to analyze and interpret the work. I teach students how to think through an image rather than memorize the style…"

Zach Perron, MCC student Radio intern

MCC student, Zach Perron, Radio intern at STAR 105.5

Zach, is a volunteer intern at The Fox 103.9 this spring…

Kaileen Mueller, MCC student Radio intern

MCC student, Kailen Mueller, Radio intern at STAR 105.5

Kailen, a first-year student at MCC is a volunteer intern at STAR 105.5 this spring, where she works from 4:30-10 a.m. to help the morning crew of Joe Cicero and Tina Bree…

Jim Gould with his philosphy students

MCC Instructor Jim Gould Challenges Students to Think for Themselves

MCC Philosophy Instructor, Jim Gould’s goal as a teacher is to contribute not only to a student’s intellectual development, but to their personal flourishing.…

Bev Dow looks at hibiscus flowers with students in Belize

Dr. Bev Dow Shares Her Love of Life, Natural World with Students

The way MCC Biology instructor Bev Dow sees it, the most important thing a student can take away from her classes is respect for the complexity, beauty, and interrelatedness of living things.…

Tom Curzi, MCC student and veteran applying his skills in Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machining class.

Female Machining Student Pursues Passion for Building Machine Parts

Building things has always been a passion of Lynn Wos. She found her niche in the manufacturing field while taking a welding class during sophomore year of high school…

Tom Curzi, MCC student and veteran applying his skills in Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machining class.

Disabled Veteran Returns to MCC to Enhance Engineering Career

Design engineer, Tom Curzi, learned at a young age that to succeed in life, one has to make an effort to pave his or her own path and not wait for jobs to magically appear…

OTA program director/instructor Marlene Vogt and another student demonstrate therapeutic exercise

Marlene Vogt Nurtures MCC’s First OTA Graduating Class

As Director of MCC’s Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Program, Marlene Vogt strives to inspire her students and instill the same passion that she has for helping patients and clients of all ages achieve optimal function in their daily life roles…

MCC Applied Technologies co-chair Heather Zaccagnini and her students

Heather Zaccagnini Engages Students with Real-World Applications in Manufacturing

MCC Manufacturing Instructor Heather Zaccagnini and her students discuss production processes for producing egg armor containers in her manufacturing processes class…

Rodgers Family of Johnsburg

MCC Touches Two Generations of Johnsburg Family

The Rodgers family of Johnsburg understands the value of a community college education so much so that up to four family members were attending MCC at the same time within the past few years…

Wayne Walusiak of Spring Grove

Retiree Wayne Walusiak of Spring Grove

Retiree Wayne Walusiak of Spring Grove believes in lifelong learning and even though he has a bachelor’s degree in business management…

Student Veterans Resource Center Liaison at MCC

Steve Czarnecki, Student Veterans Resource Center Liaison at MCC

Steve makes transition from sailor to student; helping other veterans…

Krecia Price and Bev Albright share a light moment in the Assistive Technology Lab at MCC.

Kreica Price, Adult Student Takes Courageous Steps to Earn Degree; Looks to Launching New Career

My experience at MCC has given me the confidence to keep going with my education…

Lindsay Carson, Spanish Instructor

MCC Spanish Instructor, Lindsay Carson, Faculty of the Year

MCC Spanish instructor Lindsay Carson strives to make language relevant to students, so she incorporates Spanish and Latino culture into her lessons and speaks in Spanish to her students as much as possible…

Ann Esarco, Accounting Instructor

MCC Accounting Instructor, Ann Esarco Instrumental in Shaping Free Tax Clinic

Ann Esarco’s passion for tax preparation is helping 600 people a year.  As coordinator of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Clinic, a free tax assistance clinic for low income individuals and families…

Jack Brzezinksi, Robotics Instructor

MCC Robotics Instructor, Jack Brzezinksi, Takes Students into the World of Robotics

The robotics field is rapidly becoming a major source of technology jobs, and robotics instructor Jack Brzezinski is helping MCC students fill them…

Kate Kramer, Earh Science Instructor

MCC Earth Science Teacher, Kate Kramer, Rocks Students’ World with Math Modules

Geology classes might seem like a safe bet for students trying to avoid math. After all, how often are numbers and formulas needed when studying rocks and land formations? …

Jay Geller, MCC Theater Instructor

MCC Theater Instructor, Jay Geller Inspires Students in the Spoken Word

From the moment Jay Geller acted in a play while he was a student at Northeastern Illinois University, he found his life's passion and never let go …

Michael Hillstrom, MCC Music Instructor

MCC Music Instructor, Michael Hillstrom Strikes the Right Chord with Students

When seen around the MCC campus, music instructor Michael Hillstrom might appear quiet and reserved. But when he enters the classroom, his enthusiasm for teaching music comes alive …

Paul Hamill, MCC Earth Science Instructor

Paul Hamill, Earth Science Instructor

When a storm is brewing west of the Mississippi and heading toward Crystal Lake, MCC administrators rely on MCC’s own meteorologist Paul Hamill to provide the most up-to-date forecast and its impact on the campus …

Marla Garrison, MCC Biology Instructor

Marla Garrison, Biology Instructor

There’s no other place in the world Marla Garrison would rather be than in the classroom, teaching students the wonders of the natural world. A biology instructor at MCC for 12 years, Garrison makes it a priority to learn the names of all her students …


MCCQuilters Guild Donates To PADS, Turning Point; Promotes Strong Sense of Community

Some McHenry County College employees and students are continuing a timeless art form, all the while making a difference in the community…