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Learn Welding at MCC

Welding is an ideal profession for those who love to work with their hands. Welders work in a variety of environments, both indoors and out, using heat to melt and fuse metal for a common bond. If you’re a physical person with an eye for detail and the ability to concentrate, consider a rewarding career in welding. Many of the products we use today involve welding, so your opportunities in the welding industry are endless. This is a noncredit training program. Tools, books, supplies and protective gear are provided for your use while enrolled in the class.

  • Welding Boot Camp

    Training will include:

    • Welding Technology
    • Basic math concepts for welders
    • Blueprint Reading
    • Plant Safety
    • Welding Skills (MIG) (TIG) (ARC) with multiple metals
    • Welding techniques on various joints in all positions on most commercial metals.
    • Welding data covering processes, filler metals, equipment, welding symbols, terms and definitions.
    • Valuable information on set-up tools and set-up applications.
    • Basic welding information including common arc welding process descriptions, welding data charts and tables, and metric conversion.
    • Student to instructor ratio is 6 to 1, creating an ideal learning environment and ensuring personalized attention.
  • Advanced Welding

    Advanced Welding is designed to teach the advanced principles of mild steel, plate only, using the MIG welding process. A.W.S. standards will be followed. The instructor will discuss the requirements for obtaining certification during class.

  • Certification Qualification Preparation

    Welding Certification Qualification Preparation is designed to prepare an experienced welder for the certification test in A.W.S. D1.1 on mild steel, plate only, using the MIG process. The majority of class time will be hands-on practice of welding skills needed to pass the certification test. A.W.S. standards will be followed. Accredited testing sites and fees will be discussed in addition to the requirements for maintenance of certification. Discuss the requirements for obtaining and maintenance of certification during class.