Transfer to MCC!

Mail transcripts and request for evaluation forms to:

McHenry County College
8900 U.S. Hwy 14
Crystal Lake, IL 60012

To have your transcripts from a US college or university evaluated:

  1. Declare your degree/certificate intention on the application or this Request for Evaluation Form.
    • If you submitted a transcript previously but did not declare your degree intention, your transcript may not have been evaluated. You will need to complete a Request for Evaluation Form.
      1. Download the form
      2. Fill in the blanks
      3. Print the form
      4. Mail it to Admissions
  2. Send official transcripts from the institutions you previously attended to the Admissions office. If you attended more than one institution, coursework at each institution is evaluated independently. An official transcript must be requested from each institution.

    MCC accepts electronic college transcripts through eSCRIP-SAFE®. If your current/previous college or university offers this option, please be sure to follow their instructions carefully. MCC is a participating member of eSCRIP-SAFE and has a secure account for delivery.

    Electronic transcripts will only be official if they are sent through secure delivery to the McHenry County College - Undergraduate Admissions account. Transcripts sent to an MCC employee's email or MCC department email are recorded as unofficial.

MCC will mail a copy of your evaluation in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

To have your transcripts from a foreign country evaluated:

  1. Submit university/college coursework completed outside the United States to an organization that specializes in evaluating foreign transcripts. MCC recommends use of Educational Credential Evaluators ( for an official evaluation of earned foreign credentials.
  2. When MCC receives an official report from ECE, we may credit you for courses that meet prerequisites and count toward your degree or certificate goals. Visit to learn more about ECE and fees.
    • You are responsible for all fees associated with credential evaluation.
    • Only "catalog match" evaluation reports will be accepted for credit transfer purposes.
    • All documents that you submit, or are submitted on your behalf, become the property of the College, and will not be released to you or any other party.

Do you have other questions about attending MCC as an international student?

To see how your courses will transfer to MCC:

MCC's transfer equivalency site is intended as a guide for you, the prospective transfer student. Please read the following information before you continue:

The information in our Transfer Equivalency System (TES) is provided as a guide to how classes at your current or former school may transfer to MCC. The fact that a course appears in the list is no guarantee that the course will transfer in your individual case. Final determination of transfer credit acceptance is ultimately made by the credentials evaluation office.

The Credentials Evaluation Office updates our TES frequently. Schools and courses are added to the list on a regular basis.

For more information, call (815) 479-7632 or (815) 455-8932.