The Man Who Came to Dinner

"The Man Who Came to Dinner" a 1939 comedy, was written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. The play begins at the Stanley's residence, where shortly after dinner, Sheridan Whiteside, a world famous radio and literary celebrity, slips and fractures his hip on their doorstep. The Stanley's bring Whiteside into their home to recover and trouble and mayhem ensues as he takes over the house. Convicts, cockroaches, penguins, a mummy, and an octopus are just some of the things that the Stanley's have to endure. On top of all that, Whiteside's secretary, Maggie, has fallen in love with the local newspaper man. Whiteside must devise a devilish plan to destroy the romance and hilarity and laughter ensues.

"The Man Who Came to Dinner" is directed by Tish Lyon of Woodstock, assistant directed by Katy McCord of Crystal Lake, with lighting design by Rick Amundsen of Woodstock and set design by Sue Lewis of Crystal Lake. The cast includes Jay Geller of Buffalo Grove, Sue Lewis, Dave (Doc) Lindquist, Brian Spengel, Missy Spengel, Bill Daniel, Sean Smyth, and Sean Quinn, all of Crystal Lake; Julie Billimack of Lakewood, Laura Strojny of Inverness, Reg Farley of Poplar Grove, Sondra Gesselle, Jim Gesselle, both of Marengo, Jeff Cook and Robert Godek of McHenry, Lou Czarny, Shannon Mayhall, Sherry Tessler, and Morgan Sutter, all of Woodstock; and Seleta Varga of Pell Lake, Wisconsin.

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Jay Geller as Sheridan Whiteside and Missy Spengel as Harriet Stanley Jay Geller as Sheridan Whiteside and the Mummy Jay Geller as Sheridan Whiteside