Aristophanes's "Lysistrata"

Aristophanes’ anti-war comedy “Lysistrata” In 412 BCE, after 20 years of battle, Lysistrata leads the women of Athens and Sparta in a sex strike to force their husbands to end the war. The play balances the absurd with the deadly serious, mocking the war beneath a surface of levity and using Lysistrata as the voice of reason. This comedy glorifies the power of women and fertility in the face of destruction.

“Lysistrata” is directed by Jay Geller of Kildeer, department chair of Theatre, Speech and Journalism at MCC. The crew includes scenic design by Karen Hoffman of Chicago, lighting design by Rick Amundsen of Woodstock, costume design by Tish Lyon of Woodstock, technical director Kent Wilson of Lake in the Hills, and stage manager Katy McCord of Crystal Lake. The cast includes Maggie McCord, Sean McCord, Angela Kalamaras, Emily Conley, Geoffrey Zokal, Sean Quinn, Jacob Sherwood, all of Crystal Lake; Brian Fleming of Wonder Lake; Dakota Himber of Spring Grove, Kelsey Gruebnau of Fox River Grove; Savannah Tatarinowicz and Lauryn Lugo of Lake in the Hills; Odette Little and Amy Decker of Woodstock; Ashley Brown of Cary, Ashley Eiselstein and Kim Kaporis of Harvard, Dom Rabe of Marengo, and Mario J. Manno of McHenry. Performed in Fall 2007.

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