Testing Center

The MCC Testing Center proctors tests for: GED, make-up exams, placements, proficiency, CLEP, correspondence and more.


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Except for make-ups, many of our other tests require appointments, so please be sure to call ahead at (815) 455-8984.

Note: We require photo identification for all exams. Exams need to be completed five minutes prior to the Center’s closing time.

Important information you should know before using the Testing Center:

You need to apply to MCC, pay the required non-refundable $15 application fee and allow two business days for your student ID number to be assigned before you can take a placement test at MCC.

All students using the Testing Center must comply with the Testing Center Regulations:

  • Current photo ID is required by students
  • Entrance to the Testing Center is limited to MCC employees and students taking tests only*
    • This means family members of students are not permitted in the Testing Center*
  • Tests must be started at least 30 minutes prior to closing
    • We must allow for instructor’s minimum time requirements. 
  • Some tests require appointments and/or fees
  • In the testing rooms:
    • All personal items must be stowed
    • Electronic devices must be powered down and out of sight
    • No talking is permitted
    • Only Testing Center calculators are allowed
  • MCC’s Student Code of Conduct applies in the Testing Center

*per federal regulations
Thank you for your cooperation.