Student Government

student government Fall 2013

Student government members can:

  • Represent student opinion to the college administration and faculty
  • Share in the governance of the College
  • Organize campus and community projects
  • Have the opportunity for local, regional, or national travel for conferences
  • Earn scholarships for your academics and involvement as a Student Government member

How can I join the student government?

You can join the student government by completing an application form in A247.

What positions make up the student government?

The student government includes a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, student senators and standing committees each with their own responsibilities, but share common student goals.

The Student Government of MCC is a recognized platform for student governance and leadership development. The student organization is directed by an Executive Board and a Senate. The Student Government is charged with working with the Student Trustee in promoting student welfare, protecting student rights, and representing the opinions of the students of MCC wherever possible.

Leadership development