Jason Jefko, MCC Alumn

Jason Jefko

Jason Jefko began his education at McHenry County College (MCC) in 1998 and attended for a span of two years. Jason’s goal was to complete his general education courses and to gain experience. MCC allowed him to explore a variety of courses which led him to determine his intended major, mechanical engineering.

Jason obtained an internship with Scot Forge while attending MCC. "The internship was important as it helped me put together the pieces of the puzzle; I got more out of my classes because of having that work experience." When asked why MCC was a crucial part of his career growth, Jason stated: “MCC allowed me to transfer a lot of my gen eds. Today, students can even transfer more classes, saving them and their families’ money while they can mature, develop, and decide what they want to do for the rest of their career.”

Jason later transferred to Milwaukee School of Engineering and continued his internship with Scot Forge while he pursued his bachelor’s degree in engineering. Today, Jason continues to work at Scot Forge as an engineering manager.

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