Alice Caceda, MCC Alumn

Alice Caceda

Alice Caceda grew up in Peru and came to the U.S. on her own to complete high school in Lake County. She moved to McHenry County and started at MCC, while living with a family friend. Her goal was to attend MCC for one year and then transfer to Eastern Illinois University. MCC's student-success centered atmosphere and her AP credits from high school allowed her to seamlessly transfer to EIU in 2007, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She worked in various jobs, including admission counselor and public relations, and in 2017, she earned her master’s degree in counseling from Northwestern University. She currently works in Chicago as a school mental health counselor for at-risk teens.

"Not only has MCC prepared me academically and career-wise, it also allowed me to grow as a person. I had so much to explore academically in the U.S., but I didn’t get a chance to do that in my high school, which was so large, with 4,000 students. MCC was small and if one person couldn’t help you, they knew someone who could."

"When I came to MCC, I didn’t know what I wanted to study, but after having two classes with psychology instructor Gerald Braasch, who doesn’t want to go into the field of psychology?" She said she has fond memories of other instructors who inspired her, including Laura Middaugh, Jim Blaz, Mark Waters and math tutor Bob Reass.

"I have never in my life received a better tutoring center than the Sage Learning Center at MCC. Judy Tindall really helped me increase my skills on writing papers, which really helped me during my time at EIU."

Alice said she enjoyed being involved with the Latinos Unidos club on MCC’s campus.
“The Latino community at MCC was so small, we all knew each other, which was so cool. We all attended the Latinos Unidos meetings. At the beginning, I was uncomfortable coming into a group that had already formed, but once I joined, they did not hesitate to integrate me.”

“I would recommend MCC because of the size and the staff and faculty—you always meet someone there who cares. If it’s not the teachers, it’s the advisors or your friends. MCC gave me a chance to be me.”

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