Zach Perron - The Fox 103.9 Radio Intern

Zach Perron

MCC student intern, Zach Perron working at The Fox 103.9.

“I enjoy the radio station. Working behind the scenes is a big step into my career. I started my own show in Harvard three years ago. Doing the online broadcasts of MCC basketball games was really cool. I re-learned the game and did the play-by-play and color commentary and interviewed players.”

“I love radio. I love music. I’m a drummer. I want to someday work in radio in the southwest. I enjoy listening to 103.9, especially the garage segment; bands that we air could be the next big thing that changes a kid’s life.”

"Radio is important to our society, because it creates a human connection. No matter if a station plays songs from jazz greats, rock legends, heavy metal, or rap bands to stations that provide news or a sports talk show, radio is there with us every day of our lives, whether we know it or not.”

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