Jim Stockwell Inspires Students to Develop Critical Thinking Skills Through Film

MCC film and speech instructor Jim Stockwell inspires his students to not just watch a a film, but to understand the message and meaning, and to appreciate the effort that goes into a production. More about Jim Stockwell »

Sherry Ridge Brings Four Business Textbook Costs to Zero

When Sherry Ridge's students registered for her business classes online and saw the notation for No Textbook, they thought it was an error. She told them it's true. More about Sherry Ridge »

Photo Mural at McHenry County College Captures Spirit of Community College Life

"I wanted to find students who represent the spirit of the college. The photo is broken up into panels to break up the pace and create a more dynamic and interesting mural." More about Justin Schmitz »

Heidi Boring Named 2018 MCC Full-Time Faculty Member of the Year

Going beyond simple textbook problems and using real-life examples and creative activities has been her mantra for the past nine years as a full-time instructor at McHenry County College. More about Heidi Boring »

Officer Danielle Stevens

Officer Stevens continues to demonstrate leadership in the law enforcement community. In addition to her patrol duties, she teaches classes on Campus Safety, Women's Self Defense ... More about Danielle Stevens »

Angela Sass, MCC Nursing Instructor

MCC Nursing instructor Angela Sass started out with a full-ride scholarship for pre-med, but half-way through the program, she realized that her passion was to make a difference in a patient's life. More about Angela Sass »

2018 Hall of Fame

More about Matt Miller »

2018 Hall of Fame

More about Ken Ruud »

2018 Hall of Fame

More about Don Biere »

2018 Hall of Fame

More about Jodie Kanaly »

Alum and Part-time Instructor

Craig Arnold used his Army veteran's benefits to attend MCC and he graduated with two degrees in 2013. More about Craig Arnold »

Jason Jefko, MCC Alumn

MCC allowed Jason to explore a variety of courses, which led him to determine his intended major, mechanical engineering. More about Jason Jefko »

Ceramics instructor Inspires Students Through Pottery-Making

Tom Vician believes that clay can broaden an awareness of art making and change the way one perceives the world ... More about Tom Vician »

Anthropology Alum Selected to Analyze Newly Discovered Homo naledi Fossils

MCC alumna Jill Scott (Class of 2004) was among a group of about 30 international early-career scientists chosen to analyze skull remains ... More about Jill Scott »

Sarah Sullivan Named 2017 MCC Full-Time Faculty Member

"I hope to inspire students to think of history as evolving and important. Our personal history explains why we are here and where we are, and larger historical events show how the country evolves." More about Sarah Sullivan »

Enrolled at MCC after serving eight years in the U.S. Marines

Ariana Bello of Crystal Lake enrolled at MCC in 2012 after serving eight years in the U.S. Marines, where she specialized as a logistician. She decided to return to college to pursue engineering ... More about Ariana Bello »

Amber is inspired to pursue a career as an English professor

Amber is inspired to pursue a career as an English professor. “ I love English and I wanted to pursue it in some way. I want to learn as much as I can and seek opportunities ..." More about Amber Steiger »

2004 Hall of Fame

"Being inducted is a great honor," Pahl said. "It's more of a personal honor, but it was a team sport that got me the honor." More about Michelle Pahl »

2007 Hall of Fame

More about Tony Bacci »

2017 Hall of Fame

More about Tom Carle »

2004 Hall of Fame

"To be inducted to the Hall of Fame with Coach Probst, I consider it a tremendous honor to be inducted," More about Sue Syljebeck »

2017 Hall of Fame

More about Rick Peterson »

2004 Hall of Fame

"I have wonderful memories and am very proud of the accomplishments we have all worked so hard to achieve over eight seasons. Being in the first class-first group to go into the Hall of Fame- that is More about Bill Probst »

2007 Hall of Fame

More about Andi Brooke »

Nurturing Student Artists for Over 18 Years

"I feel lucky that I teach at a community college, because of the diverse student body." More about Mark Arctander »

Horticulture Alum Earns National Accreditation

"Everybody at MCC was exceedingly encouraging and helpful to me, MCC was a great starting point for my career-my career just snowballed from there." More about Debbie Strand »

Ron Compton Helps Students Conquer Fear of Public Speaking

Ron Compton creates a positive, nurturing classroom atmosphere for speech students More about Ron Compton »

Mom of Two MCC Alumni Returns to College

Denise Steinlauf returned to school to earn a degree after her two sons graduated from MCC. More about Denise Steinlauf »

Student Writer Takes Third Place

Kelsey Cecala won third place at the 2016 Skyway Collegiate Writers Festival. More about Kelsey Cecala »

Engineering Student Finds Success at IIT

MCC alumna Svetlana Taylor describes transferring to IIT as painless. More about Svetlana Taylor »

Christopher R. Schauer Memorial Scholarship

The first recipient of the Christopher R. Schauer Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Abbey Shaw. More about Abbey Shaw »

American Association of University Women Scholarship

The Spring 2016 recipient of the AAUW Academic Scholarships is Angela Carrillo and the recipient of the Spring 2016 recipient of the AAUW Book Scholarship is Nicole Szeszel. More about Angela Carrillo and Nicole Szeszel »

AptarGroup Charitable Foundation Scholarship

During the 2016 Spring Semester, the award was given to Ms. Jocelyn Zambrano. More about Jocelyn Zambrano »

Bill Grey Memorial Art Scholarship

Kristina R. VanOchten was the recipient of the Bill Grey Memorial Art Scholarship for the Spring 2015 semester. More about Kristina VanOchten »

Bull Valley Garden Club Scholarship

The Spring 2016 recipient is Hailie Ignoffo from Johnsburg, IL. More about Hailie Ignoffo from Johnsburg »

John J. Adelmann, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship recipients for the 2016 Spring Semester were Ms. Emily Vitacco of Huntley and Ms. Alexis Ankele of Crystal Lake. More about Emily Vitacco and Alexis Ankele »

Trustee Emeritus Barbara Walters Scholarship

MCC has been an important initiation into higher education for me as it has allowed the flexibility to work full time employment while returning to school. More about Justin Bradley »

First Midwest Bank Scholarship Recipient

Luis Hernandez, of Crystal Lake, received the $500 First Midwest Bank Scholarship for the 2013 Fall Semester. More about Luis Hernandez, of Crystal Lake »

Forge Ahead Scholarship Donor and Recipient Luncheon

On Monday, December 1, 2014, the Friends of MCC Foundation hosted a special luncheon for Mr. Mike Klingenberg, main donor of the Forge Ahead Scholarship, and eight of the Forge Ahead Scholarship More about Eight Recipients »

Wickersham Family Horticulture Scholarship Recipient

The Friends of McHenry County College Foundation has awarded the Wickersham Family Horticulture Scholarship (formerly named the Raymond Ned Wickersham Scholarship) for fall semester to Lonnie Owsley More about Lonnie Owsley of McHenry »

Freedom Isn't Free Scholarship Donor and Recipient

Mark Handeland is the proud recipient of two veteran's scholarship for fall 2015. Mark was awarded Joe's Wish Operation Re-Boot Scholarship and the Freedom Isn't Free scholarship. More about Mark Handeland »

ICCSF, College Opportunity & John Lillie Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Brandon and Sarah are grateful for receiving the scholarships and the difference it made on the lives and the help it provided in reaching their goals at MCC and the extra work and dedication towards More about Brandon and Sarah May »

Sage Scholarship Donor and Recipient Luncheon

Mr. Vince Foglia. Sr., Vince Foglia and Mr. Richard Naponelli visited MCC on December 19 for a luncheon to meet the recipients of the Sage Products College Opportunity Scholarship and the Sage Product More about Sage Scholarship Recipients »

Horticulture alum finds her passion, career through program at MCC

Emily Zack says I find it very rewarding to work in a field that I am truly passionate about. More about Emily Zack »

Trace Chase

Trace graduated from Johnsburg High School and is pursuing an Associates in Science while at MCC. More about Trace Chase »

Matt Irie Teaches Painting as a Way to Communicate Visually

Matt Irie, Art Instructor, says "Painting is a way of communicating visually. Some people communicate better visually than with words-that's what painting is all about ..." More about Matt Irie »

Hear what students have to say

"I like MCC because it's really close to home. The instructors here really love what they do and they make class enjoyable overall. I've learned so much..." More about Leila Valencia »

Returning Adult Gaining Necessary Skills for New Career in Graphic Design

I've grown artistically from learning the fundamentals and different techniques from the instructors who are sincerely committed to the students. More about Ryan Grandinetti »

New Photo Instructor Brings Fresh Enthusiasm

Justin says, "I'm thrilled to be teaching at MCC because it provides me an opportunity for me to talk to my students about my passion of photography." More about Justin Schmitz »

Thank you for your investment in my future

I am a husband, a father of three, an IT professional who is gainfully employed at a nearby high school, and an MCC graduate. More about Matt Knoll »

I was one of the few lucky recipients of the Promise Program

MCC and the Promise Program allowed me to follow my dream career path and helped get me where I am today More about Janae Taylor »

I was able to have my first two years of college paid for

I heard about the Promise Program my senior year in High School and I could not pass it up. More about Sarah Fox »

The Promise Program also helped me jump start my career

I thank MCC and The Promise Program for all of my success. More about Laura M. Ludwick »

MCC Promise Program helped me get where I needed to go

Thanks to the Promise Program, I was able to earn a college degree and pursue a graduate degree with little debt. More about Lucas M. Marshall »

It was too great an opportunity to pass up

The Promise Program gave me the opportunity to not only attend college at a time when the economy made that hard to do, but also to give back to the community. I absolutely loved volunteering... More about Samantha Zelm »

MCC Student's Photo Appears in Deaf Life Magazine

A photograph created by MCC student, Rosemary Edwards, appears in the March issue of Deaf Life. More about Rosemary Edwards »

Amy Ortiz Inspires Students to Appreciate Art's Influence in Society

"What isn't cool about art history?" wonders MCC art history instructor Amy Ortiz. More about Amy Ortiz »

MCC Instructors Take Students on Literary Journey Through Good and Evil

Longtime MCC instructors Jim Gould and Ted Hazelgrove are taking their students on an adventure to Middle-earth-and back again. More about Jim Gould and Ted Hazelgrove »

Twin Brothers Pursue Passion for Filmmaking; Earn Award for Best Feature

Twins Adrian and Andrew Nuno started filmmaking since they were five years old. They enjoyed going to the movies with their parents and afterwards, the two of them re-enacted their favorite scene at h More about Adrian and Andrew Nuno »

Student Nurse Pursuing Her Passion for Helping Others

MCC registered nursing student Evelyn Singh said this spring is her best semester ever. Not only is it her last semester before graduation, she loves taking care of mothers and babies in her clinical More about Evelyn Singh »

Student Nurse Strives to Make Patients' Comfort Paramount

As she completes her last semester of nursing school, she doesn't have to worry about working and going to school, as she received $2,000 for tuition and books from the McClain Nursing Scholarship for More about Carol Etienne-John »

Female Machining Student Pursues Passion for Building Machine Parts

Lynn Wos, says "MCC works for me because it's reasonably priced, close to home and it allows me to get a good start for where I plan to go in the future." More about Lynn Wos »

Connie Kotecki

Connie Kotecki, says "The personalized attention and commitment my teachers showed to me and my peers was outstanding! More about Connie Kotecki »

Thomm Beggs Helps MCC students transform design skills into professional quality

MCC Graphic Design instructor Thomm Beggs helps MCC students transform design skills into professional quality More about Thomm Beggs »

Heidi Boring Named 2018 MCC Full-Time Faculty Member

Going beyond simple textbook problems and using real-life examples and creative activities has been her mantra for the past nine years as a full-time instructor at McHenry County College. More about Heidi Boring »