Sociology Classes at MCC

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25:59 – 26:27  Caption:  Jess Ricchiuto, Student
Marriage and Family is a very beneficial class. It is a class that you get to learn why and how the family works the way it does. Special activities that you will be looking forward to in this class are different debates. Debates include debates on different viewpoints about stepfamilies, gay marriages and divorce. It will better help you understand why things happen and different ways to view the things that happen, good or bad. Other activities include watching videos; videos that relate to concepts you are going to be learning in the class.

34:18 – 34:31  Caption: Johanna Klay, Student
When I started Sociology, it was my first class at MCC and I really didn’t know what to expect per se. But within the first day I got the syllabus and it was perfectly outlined of the expectations I had and it followed it very well and regimently.

34:39 – 34:50 
It is very well outlined, it is comprehensive and very interactive as well – the curriculum and there are a few group presentations and they are never too scary or anything.

34:56 – 35:01
And there is also a lot of interactive ways to know the rest of the class so that you don’t feel like a loner in class ever usually.

37:50 – 38:16  Caption: John Vito, Student
During class one day we are divied up. Half the class was totally on one boat and the other half was on another boat and we were each assigned you know a social role. We had senators, a whore, you had a mom with orphan, you had you know, a military captain. We had to decide who were the four people who we were going to save based on the social context, where we come from.

27:15 – 28:15  Caption: Eric Connell, Student
So what I learned from Marriage and Family which is a great class is that I learned how a marriage should work and what basically what it is about, how you share responsibilities, how work is divied up, but we also learned about the older types of marriage like what used to happen and how the work used to be divided and I think that really brought into my horizons on marriage in general and I think it opened up a lot of questions of what is to come for marriage. I think it made me a better person and a better outlook on life.