Mike Reagan Instructor, Sociology speaking

This is a fascinating time as a student to take Sociology. Not only do we have Marriage and Family, Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, Race and Ethnicity, but starting spring semester we are going to have Sex and Gender. Then next year, following year, we are going to have Sociology of Deviance, and then after that we are actually going to have a Topics course titled Sociology of Sports for that first topic as we do it. So, it is a great time, fascinating time as a student to take Sociology courses.

Justin Hoy, Instructor, Sociology speaking

I think that any student who takes a Sociology class here at MCC would be fortunate to be exposed to any of our faculty. We have some very dynamic people on our faculty with a really diverse array of interest ranging from “Gender and Sexuality” to “Race and Ethnicity” to “Culture” to an understanding of “deviance”. We really have a lot to offer our students here and I am pretty confident that if you decide to take a Sociology class with us here at MCC, you are not only going to gain some of the basic sociological skills that everybody needs, but you are going to come out with a changed perspective on how the world works, and you are going to be challenged to redefine your expectations of the world, how you see it, and how you interact with those who live in it with you.