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New Courses in Sociology: Sex and Gender Sociology of Deviance

42:22 – 42:58  Caption:  Christina Swanson on the course “Sex and Gender”  6 seconds
While students are taking the course “Sex and Gender”, they will see how it interacts with the five major social institutions of our society: family, religion, education, political order, and the economy. In addition, they will also see how sex and gender is related to crime and deviance, to reproduction and also to race and ethnicity. We will look at how gender is constructed. We will look at sex roles and we will look at social agents and how they form our gender and our sexual identity. Lastly, we will look at social change in the future of sex and gender.

5:24 – 5:56  Caption: Shiela Venkataswamy on the course “Sociology of Deviance”  6 seconds
The Course “Sociology of Deviance” has a very broad scope. We are going to be covering topics from smoking while pregnant all the way to murder. We are going to look into how deviance is created in any society, particularly the role of social power in creating deviance. We are also going to look at how individuals who have been stigmatized as deviants, how do they manage their identity. Do they accept their deviance or do they reject their deviant labels? How do they rationalize their deviance? Do they justify it? So this is the subject matter of this course.