Shiela Venkataswamy

Shiela Venkataswamy

BA Sociology, Framingham State College, MA
MA Sociology, University of Akron, OH
Areas of Interest, Sociology of Family, Sociology of Deviance, Social Demography and World Development

What do you love best about sociology and teaching it?

“Sociology gives us the tools to think critically and make informed decisions.  Knowledge of Sociology is invaluable to citizens of a democratic society. ”


I visited “Father of Sociology,”Auguste Comte’s apartment in France

Sheila next to Auguste Comte's apartment in FranceThis past summer, I visited Auguste Comte’s apartment in France – the “Maison d’ Auguste Comte”- located on 10, rue Monsieur le Prince in Paris. August Comte (1798-1857) is the “Father of Sociology”. He is primarily credited for his concept of positivism. Positivism involves use of external observation to gain an understanding of society. Once this knowledge is gained, it can be used to change society.

Sheila next to Comte's portraitThe apartment is currently a museum, and it is maintained by the Brazilian government. The founding fathers of the Brazilian republic (1889) were influenced by Comte’s ideas. The motto “Ordem e Progresso” (Order and Progress) on the Brazilian flag reflects the concept of positivism.

It was a very unique experience to see Comte’s handwriting, his kitchen, and his furniture.  This visit was the highlight of my trip!