Student Volunteers and Your Agency

Our goal is to provide students with volunteer opportunities that will enhance their educational experience. If you have a specific opportunity available, contact Service Learning.

  • How do I recruit student volunteers?

    The United Way of Greater McHenry County Volunteer Center has partnered with MCC to place the MCC students in volunteer opportunities throughout McHenry County. If you're interested in working with these students, register your nonprofit agency on their web site.

    Once your agency has been approved, you will be listed on the non-profit member list and will be able to post volunteer opportunities. Students are able to find volunteer activities they are interested in helping with and you will be sent their information.

    Contact Service Learning.

    If you already have a student in mind or are interested in finding a student with particular skills or interests, please contact Service Learning.

  • Will I have to track volunteer hours?
    • Students who are required to volunteer for a scholarship are responsible for reporting their volunteer hours however, all volunteer hours are verified with the supervisor. Please keep records of the students' names, dates volunteered, and time spent volunteering so you can help verify the students' work using this form.
    • MCC provides binders, calculators and forms to assist agencies in recording students' volunteer work. To request the materials, please contact Service Learning.
    • Students volunteering for a class will provide you with a signoff sheet that requires your signature verifying their participation.
  • How can we celebrate outstanding volunteers?

    If you have an MCC Student volunteer who you would like to recognize, please let us know by completing the Outstanding Student Volunteer Nomination form.

    Students who are nominated may be chosen to be recognized at the Annual Student Awards Ceremony and/or be named the Student Volunteer Spotlight. These awards are extremely helpful in building our students portfolios and resumes.

  • How should we handle a student volunteer that did not meet our expectations?

    Please communicate with the student and Service Learning. Volunteering to meet scholarship, scholastic or award requirements is considered an MCC activity and students are expected to comply with the Student Code of Conduct. Consistent with MCC's mission is an expectation that students will govern themselves in terms of appropriate behavior with emphasis on self-respect and respect for others.

Thank you! We appreciate our community partners for your dedication to providing our students with valuable learning opportunities.