Withdrawing and Refund Policy

  • How to Withdraw | Drop a Class

    Withdraw/drop online, in-person in the Registration Office or by fax (815-455-3766). You can't withdraw over the phone or through email.

    Follow our step-by-step instructions and watch the helpful video about changing and dropping credit classes through Student Planning.

  • Grades
    • Grade of “W” will not factor in the computation of the student grade point average.
    • A failing grade will be posted on the student transcript if you do not follow college withdrawal procedures.
    • Withdrawal dates are determined as of the date you contact the Registration Office in writing.
  • Refund Policy

    The refund process begins after the Refund Policy period is over in the corresponding term.

    Tuition and fee refunds will be issued to eligible students based upon the effective date of withdrawal, which is determined by the date you formally notify the Registration Office by withdrawing online, in person, or by fax. Failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal. To receive a full refund (less the registration fee) you must withdraw at least one business day prior to the class start date. It is your responsibility to be aware of these refund dates.

    Contact the Bursar's office at bursar@mchenry.edu for a Request for Exception to Refund Policy form. To be considered, you must submit the form to the Bursar's Office no later than two weeks after the semester end date to which the request applies.

    MCC reserves the right to determine method of refund.

    If MCC cancels a class/section, you will receive a full refund of tuition and course fees.

    The following information serves as a guideline:

    Refund Policy
    Rate of refund Classes less than 9 weeks Classes 9 or more weeks long
    100% before first business day of class* before first business day of class*
    80% within first 7 calendar days of course start date within first 14 calendar days of course start date
    0% after 7 days after 14 days

    *Business days are Monday through Friday.

    For the exact refund dates, refer to Spring 2019 Important Class Dates.

  • Drop for Non-payment

    Please note: you may be dropped from class for non-payment if tuition and fees are not paid, or if payment arrangements are not made, by the tuition due date. Payment arrangements include financial aid, Nelnet Payment Plan, sponsorship, scholarships and VA benefits. You could also be dropped from classes if you have a balance due for a prior term.

    • Spring 2017 tuition is due Thursday, December 8, 2016 by 7:30 p.m.
    • Summer 2017 tuition is due Thursday, April 13, 2017 by 7:30 p.m.
    • Fall 2017 tuition is due Tuesday, July 11, 2017 by 7:30 p.m.
  • Student Responsibilities

    It is the responsibility of each student to:

    • Be aware of the financial consequences for each drop/add/withdraw transaction that will be processed, or has been processed, in-person at the college or online.
    • Be aware of MCC's withdrawal and refund policy.
    • Drop classes/sections by the established deadline if you do not plan on attending. Do not rely upon MCC to drop you.
    • Periodically review your account online to view the balance due and academic holds placed on your account.
    • Ask questions if you are uncertain about a policy or procedure.