Where to Recycle

The MCC Sustainability Center publish the official McHenry County Green Guide annually. Full of new recycling and reusing information, it includes a Green Living section on where to buy green products locally and online. The Center also provides education on related solid waste topics.


  • The Earth911 website has a free app, irecycle app iRecycle that includes nationwide recycling, green living information and Green Guide listings.
  • Good Stuff - Freecycling is a national movement to reduce garbage going into landfills and give new life to good used stuff. The site lists items people offer locally for free. Become a member at www.freecycle.org
  • To learn more about what McHenry County is doing with a variety of solid waste initiatives, visit McHenry County Solid Waste Program
  • For information on the hard to recycle items, view the Recycling A to Z Guide

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