Where to Recycle

The 2020 Green Guide (PDF), McHenry County Recycling Directory produced by MCC's Sustainability Center, offers current recycling information for appliances, batteries, electronics, motor oil, paint, tires, and more. Learn about MCC's Sustainability Center.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations were operating with reduced availability. Refer to their websites to confirm hours of operation.

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  • Recycling Resources
    • The Earth911 website has a free app, irecycle app iRecycle that includes nationwide recycling, green living information and Green Guide listings.
    • Freecycle is a grassroots and nonprofit movement of people who give and get stuff for free in their own towns and neighborhoods. Their goal is to reuse and keep stuff out of landfills.
    • To learn more about what McHenry County is doing with a variety of solid waste initiatives, visit McHenry County Solid Waste Program
    • For information on the hard to recycle items, view the Recycling A to Z Guide
    • Social media offers opportunities to sell or give away products
  • Neighboring County Recycling
    • The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) – offers an extensive list of recycling, donation, hazardous household waste disposal, composting resources, as well as information on the community organizations that provide services.
    • Kane County Recycles - provides a comprehensive list of recycling and solid or hazardous waste disposal resources, as well as information about local environmental, conservation, and sustainability issues.
    • School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education (SCARCE) - SCARCE an award-winning environmental education non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable communities. SCARCE collects, recycles or reuses a large variety of items. Based in DuPage County, SCARCE covers most of northern Illinois and also includes recycling information for DuPage County.
  • For the Community
  • Social Media Options to Sell or Give Away Items

    You can reduce the amount of waste we have to throw away by applying the three R's to everyday life.

    • Reduce the amount of waste you produce by only buying what you need.
    • Reuse items as much as you can before replacing them.
    • Recycle items wherever possible.

    Donation options are available and a listing can be found in the A to Z Guide (PDF). Selling items online is another great option. The below list includes popular app and website where you can giveaway or sell clothes or other household items.

    McHenry County College does not endorse any service listed. Please use common sense when subscribing. Fees and commission rates are subject to change on each service.

    General resale

    • Facebook marketplace – the most popular one for reselling almost anything. 
    • Instagram (website and app) – Instagram also functions as a local online marketplace, similar to Facebook.
    • Amazon (website and app) – General item sale and resale website.
    • Mercari (website and app) – General resale site.
    • Letgo (website and app) – General resale site. Free to sell and no commissions.
    • Gone (app) – Resale site for anything, including electronics. List your item(s) and Gone will send you mailing materials so you can ship your items to them to be sold.
    • Newegg (website and app) – Leading tech reseller.
    • Chairish (website and app) – resale site for high end furniture and decor.
    • The RealReal (website and app) – Luxury resale site. The site sends the seller packaging and shipping label and if there are 10 or more items and live in a qualifying area, the site will send someone to pick up and mail the items for you.
    • Ebay (website and app) - General item resale and auction
    • Craigslist (website and app) - General ad posting for selling and reselling
    • Rakuten (website and app) - Site does not compete with sellers.
    • The RealReal (website and app) - Luxury resale site. The RealReal sends the seller packaging and shipping label and if there are 10 or more items and live in a qualifying area, the site will send someone to pick up and mail the items for you.
    • Bookoo (website and app) – A “community yard sale” platform. Buy and sell items locally through a ‘classifieds’ system that allows you to meet the seller first to mitigate the chance of placing the buyer in dangerous situations.
    • Carousell (website and app) – A site that allows you to sell almost anything, from cars to clothing. Listings can also be shared on social media and can be listed in 30 secs. There are no fees for buyers or sellers.
    • varageSale (website and app) – Trading and selling site for anything you would sell at a garage sale, and for local communities. No fees and an emphasis on safety, so names and profile pictures must be verified.
    • Recycler (website and app) – A classifieds site for a more specific range of offers, from selling cars, pets, or house/apartment rentals. Loyal buyer or seller based adds trust in communities.


    • Etsy (website and app) – Art and vintage resale website.

    Clothing resale

    • Poshmark (website and app) – Clothing resale app for designer clothing and accessories.
    • Depop (website and app) – Clothing resale apps. Both accept wide varieties of clothing with everything being done in-app.
    • Vinted (website and app) – Site for buying, selling and swapping clothing.


    • Ebay (website and app) General item resale and auction website.
    • OfferUp (website and app) – Essentially a local version of eBay. Bidding system based on proximity to seller.