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Retired Adult Program

Program for Lifelong Learners

The Retired Adult Program (RAP) at MCC is a membership-based, noncredit program designed for people age 55 and better who are active, inquisitive, and have a genuine desire to continue learning.

RAP Membership

  • A one-year membership costs $25, renewable on your membership anniversary.
  • Receive a newsletter every semester with current course offerings.
  • Register for only those offerings that interest you.
  • No exams, homework assignments, or grades.
  • Enjoy learning for the joy of learning.

RAP is intellectually stimulating, thought-provoking, and socially rewarding. We offer a wide variety of classes and activities offered throughout the year in philosophy, science, history, technology, politics, health and wellness, and much more. Browse and register for RAP classes

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How would you like to become a RAP member?

How would you like to register for RAP classes?


Scholarship/Sponsorship Available

A scholarship/sponsorship fund has been established through a generous donation to assist people who have difficulty paying the RAP program membership fee. Contact for more information about scholarship/sponsorship criteria and application procedure.

Dale Morton, RAP student"I have lived in the area for over 20 years and recently retired from a job that required extensive global travel. I really had no idea what the college had to offer. Once I got the opportunity, I decided to look into the offerings for adults at the college. I had a great experience with the welding class, a RAP class on History's Greatest Explorers and Beekeeping 101. I always thought I would want to retire to a college town because of the culture and continuing education opportunities. Much to my surprise, it looks like I am living in a college town!"
-- Dale Morton, Retired Adult Program (RAP) member and continuing education student